April 1, 1777

1777 April 1 (Tuesday).  Breck informs that Mr. Andrews has had a bad Night.  I expected Thomas Snow of Oxford to work for me, but he did not come.  I rode up to Mr. Thomas Whitneys to see his youngest Son that is sick of Fever, Worms etc.  Prayed there and dined with them also.  Went over to Mr. [torn]ph Grouts; Capt. Jonathan Fays — call at each of [torn] but particularly was at Ensign Fays to see Mrs. [torn] (of Chauncytown).  N.B. hear that the Stores at Pickskill (60 miles from New York) on N. River, are destroyed by our own soldiers, by reason of a Man of War going up, and invading them.


N.B. Mr. Grosvenor and his Wife, Mr. Kendal, with Master Hall visited, and dined here — though I Saw nothing of them.


Mr. Tainters House is improved as an Hospital, and a Number of young men are inoculated to day.  May God be pleased in the midst of Wrath to remember Mercy!

April 2, 1777

1777 April 2 (Wednesday).  Mrs. P________ visits her Cousen MaynardSophy to Marlborough.  Mr. P. Whitney makes me a short Visit.  P.M. Mr. Spring comes to see me.  Miss Nanny Beeton here and lodges.  Breck went for me to Mr. Israel Allen’s at Shrewsbury to buy me a Pair of Oxen, and bargained for them but it was with his Wife.

April 3, 1777

1777 April 3 (Thursday).  Breck went up again for the Oxen — but they were gone.  However, he bought, and paid for, another pair, of Mr. Elnathan Pratt.  They are Six years old — of Six foot Dimensions.  Price £17.10.  Nanny Beeton still with us, and lodges here.


Sophy and Hannah, I am informed, are inoculated this evening, by Dr. Hawes.  I could not resist their Importunity.  May God be gracious to us all, as the Matter now requires!

April 5, 1777

1777 April 5 (Saturday).  The Girls take Physick, but none of us go to ‘em, but Mrs. Crosby who having had the Small Pox, waits upon ‘em.  Mr. Spring and his wife came at Eve and lodge here.  N.B. Mr. Benjamin Fay junior and his Wife here.  They desire to join with the Church but I desired Mr. Fay to endeavour Reconcilement with Mr. Thomas Whitney.

April 6, 1777

1777 April 6 (Sunday).  Mr. Bradshaw, who lodged at Squire Whipples last night, came here this morning.  Mr. Benjamin Tainter and his Wife desire prayers for a Number of their Family who are inoculated.  Miss Lydia Hardy recovered from the Small Pox, comes to Meeting and returns Thanks.  Mr. Andrews desires continuation of prayers.


I preached again on Rom. 8.1.  P.M. on 2 Cor. 5.5, which may God bless to us!  A Number of persons dined with us: besides Breck, Suse and Billy Spring, Mr. Spring and his wife, Messrs. Bradshaw, Levi and Elijah Brigham.  At Eve Mr. Spring and his Wife went to Mr. Edm. Brighams.  Mr. Bradshaw lodges here.

April 7, 1777

1777 April 7 (Monday).  He gives me the Bishop of St. [Asaphs?] sermon on Luk. 2.14 before the society for Propagating the Gospel Feb. 1[9?], 1773.[1]  He pursues his Journey to Boston.  Capt. Thomas Whipple with him.  By Mr. Bradshaw I sent a Letter to Elias, and to Dr. Langdon his Dr. WitherspoonBreck goes to Lancaster.  I have no body but my Boy, to work for me.  Am forced to be abroad my Self, setting in[torn] many things, as I am able.  My two Daughters g[torn] Tainters, with Mrs. Hawes and her son — [torn] C[torn] Hawes.  May God be gracious and shew them Mercy in this time of Darkness!

[1]Jonathan Shipley, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, A sermon preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; at their anniversary meeting in the parish church of St. Mary-le-Bow, on Friday February 19, 1773 (Boston: Thomas and John Fleet, 1773; Evans 13009).  American editions were also published in New York, Philadelphia, Newport RI, and Norwich CT.

April 8, 1777

1777 April 8 (Tuesday).  I have some Serious Thoughts and Employments on my Childrens present Condition in the Hospital, and of the many that resort there for the same purpose: May God graciously forgive our Sins [illegible] pull down his Judgments!  And prepare us for Mercys needed!


Two Fairbanks (Jonathan and Drury) came with one Thaddeus Wait, who wants to let himself to me.


N.B. Mr. Jonas Bradish was here; but was in haste; Says he will write to me — about the baptizing his Children.

April 9, 1777

1777 April 9 (Wednesday).  Thaddeus Wait came — asks 58 Dollars for Six Months; I consent to give him 57 on Condition he will be very industrious etc.  Otherwise but 56: and he is to make up lost time, viz. Fasts, Lectures, foul days etc., is to come by or before this day sennight.  Dr. Jenison dined here, as did four Young Women going to Hospital.  P.M. Mr. Bradshaw returned, dined here also.  Deacon Burnap visits me.  Bradshaw lodges with us.  N.B. He gives me Dr. Price’s Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty,[1] as he does Several Sorts of Garden seeds also.

[1]Richard Price, Observations on the nature of civil liberty, the principles of government, and the justice and policy of the war with America. To which is added an appendix, containing a state of the national debt, an estimate of the money drawn from the public by the taxes, and an account of the national income and expenditure since the last war (Boston: T. and J. Fleet, [1776]; Evans 15032).  Other American editions appear in Philadelphia (twice), New York, and Charleston, SC.

April 13, 1777

1777 April 13 (Sunday).  Squire Baker acquaints me with the general Requests of those who are at the Hospital, that public prayers be made for them.  I preached a.m. on Rom. 8.1.  P.M. on Occasion of the Judgment of God upon us in the Small Pox, I preached on Isa. [64.9?].  The body of the Discourse was what I delivered in the year 60 but with Introduction, alterations, Additions, and especially Applications Suited to the present Circumstances which may God graciously be pleased to own and bless!  [Mr. Elijah Brigham?] and Cousen Davis dined here.  Am informed my Daughters are both of them broke out.  May God sustain and preserve them!  May they have Grace to profit Spiritually hereby and prepare them for His holy Will!

April 14, 1777

1777 April 14 (Monday).  Went over the Widow Whipple: bought 4 Bushels of Indian Corn of Jonathan, and agree with the Miller, Mr. Broad, for 2 more.  I spoke to Squire Baker and to Deacon Wood to use their Endeavours to bring Mr. Thomas Whitney and Mr. Benjamin Fay to some Agreement.  Walked over to Capt. Morse’s and was favored with various sorts of Garden Seeds.  N.B. Dr. Crosby here in his Way to Cambridge and Boston.  He kindly offers to assist Elias in his coming home.  Mr. Nurse and Chamberlin, who plow for me, dined here.  Read Sir William Temple on the united states of Holland.

April 15, 1777

1777 April 15 (Tuesday).  Rode to the Association at Mr. Bridge’s at East Sudbury.  Had so far the Company of young David Fay, who there took my Horse to lead him to Cambridge for Elias to ride up thus far, it being Vacation time.  Present at Mr. Bridge’s, Messrs. Smith, Goss, Mellen, Whitney and Biglow.  Nothing special but that Mr. Mellen prayed.  Conversation was on the Times, Circumstances of divers Ministers in their Difficultys among their people — besides Several that were there, Mr. Hill’s at Shutesbury.  Mr. Smith and I lodged at Mr. Bridge’s.

April 20, 1777

1777 April 20 (Sunday).  Rode over to Northborough.  Preached a.m. on Amos 3.2 and p.m. on Amos [torn], latter part.  Mr. Whitney preached here on Eccl. [8.11?].  N.B. [Mr. Solomon?] How was there, as he was the last time I preached there on the Sabbath.  By reason of the Rain, I lodged at Mr. Whitneys.  N.B. Mr. Batherick was taken ill in the Meeting House, and was led hither and laid him on the Bed.  He was carried home in a Chaise.  It is conceived to be an apoplectic Case.  Lord, may I be ready!

April 22, 1777

1777 April 22 (Tuesday).  Alexander goes to Framingham in his way to Lynn, to View a place there with mills etc. to be sold.  One Mr. John How of Boston (Brother, he says, of Mr. Joseph How Tinman) in the Road, travelling on Foot.  I took him in and gave him food — calls Mrs. Surcomb his Sister etc. etc. etc.  I visited again Mr. Batherick.  N.B. Mindwell his Daughter with a Baby, though she is unmarried.  Severely rebuked her.  P.M. Catechized at the Bond-school House.  12 Boys and 14 Girls.  After Catechizing Called at Deacon Bonds and at old Mr. Warrins.

April 23, 1777

1777 April 23 (Wednesday).  Mr. Thomas Adams from Medfield — dined; changed a Book or two — and returned.  Breck and Suse from Boston.  Squire Baker here, acquaints me with the dangerous state of his Daughter Sarah at the Hospital.  Master Crosby brings me from his Mother, Secretary Moretons Memorial, to read.[1]

[1]Nathaniel Morton (1613-1685), New-England’s memorial: or, A brief relation of the most memorable and remarkable passages of the providence of God, manifested to the planters of New-England in America; with special reference to the first colony thereof, called New-Plymouth. As also a nomination of divers of the most eminent instruments deceased, both of church and common wealth, improved in the first beginning and after progress of sundry of the respective jurisdictions in those parts: in reference unto sundry exemplary passages of their lives, and the time of their death. Published for the use and benefit of present and future generations (Newport: S. Southwick., 1772; Evans 12469).  Two earlier American editions appeared in 1721.

April 29, 1777

1777 April 29 (Tuesday).  Mr. Solomon Baker dyed about 10 o’Clock a.m.  Mr. Samuel Goodenow of Elizabeth Town in the Jerseys here, and desires a Contribution.  Shews me a large Certificate and Recommendation from the (as he says) Minister, Elder, Deacons and Clerk of the Church of Elizabeth Town.


Sister Cushing here and dines with us.  P.M. Mr. Goodenow here again, and his Uncle Capt. Benjamin Fay with him.  One Samuel Hiscock of Hopkinton came to let himself to me.

April 30, 1777

1777 April 30 (Wednesday).  I am informed that Mr. Solomon Bakers Corps was bury’d early this morning before [blank].


Mr. Francis Whipple came and informed me that his poor little Child (which was always from its Birth unlike other Children, weak, pining, unable to Speak etc., yet well nigh 6 years old) dyed this morning.  Hear that Regulars have burnt Danbury.