June 1, 1777

1777 June 1 (Sunday).  Preached a. and p.m. on Micah 7.7.  May the Word be effectual to my own highest Good!  Cousen Maynard and our Sister Brigham (Suse’s Mother) dined here.  Appointed a Catechizing, God Willing, the next Tuesday a. and p.m.  N.B. A Negro Man, who calls himself Enoch Noble, and pretends to practise Physick, and was Sent here (we suppose) by Deacon Woods Wife, has come to See Hannah this Morning and She inclines to take Something of him.

June 4, 1777

1777 June 4 (Wednesday).  We hear that yesterday’s Storm was more Severe down lower.  Five men at Framingham were standing together — Two of which were killed, the other three, though Struck down, recovered; an Horse that was near them was killed.  God be praised for His preserving Mercy to us!  Hannah rode a little way.  Mr. Joshua Hicks dined with us.  My Grandson How called here in his way from Dudley to Marlborough.  Mrs. P________ sat out (with Breck to accompany her) to Concord.  Rev. Mr. Stephen Johnson of Lyme and his Wife, came in late p.m. — and lodged here.  My son Alexander also came from Leicester to see his Sister Hannah and lodged here.

June 5, 1777

1777 June 5 (Thursday).  Mr. Johnson and Wife go on their Journey.  Alexander returns.  Widow of the late Constantine Hardy dined here.  P.M. My Daughter Baldwin came to us, Mrs. (wife of Zebulon) Rice with her.  N.B. Having transcribed what was wanting in my Dr. Evans, I delivered Mr. Fitch’s Book to Deacon Burnett of Hopkinton for Conveyance.  Breck from Concord a.m.

June 11, 1777

1777 June 11 (Wednesday).  Sent Elias for Dr. Ball; who came, and Dr. Hawes is here with him, to consult about Hannahs Case.  My Daughter rode a little way, a.m.  Mr. Sumner came and dined with me.  He preached for me, and happened to take the very Text I have been preaching, and am still preparing on.  But was an excellent, useful, Seasonable and I believe very acceptable Discourse.  May God be pleased to add His Blessing!  And in Special to me!  After meeting, Mr. Sumner prayed with and for my two infirm Daughters.  James Miller junior and his Wife came in to talk with me about joining to the Church, but I was forced to defer it.  Capt. Morse, Town Treasurer, came and was urgent and in an hurry to deliver me part of the Rates.  N.B. He paid me all that Mr. Constable D. Adams was to collect, viz. £34.18.1 Lawful Money.

June 17, 1777

1777 June 17 (Tuesday).  Breck went to Boston.  I went to Ministers Meeting at Mr. Biglows at West-Sudbury; and got there early.  Not only was no one Member come, but no one did come at all, but Mr. Bridge who was accompanyed by Mr. Wheaton.  N.B. Capt. Freeman and his Lady live at Mr. Biglows.  The Other two of the Association chose me Moderator.  Mr. Biglow prayed.  Agreed to have the next Meeting to be in August, 3d Tuesday; at my House.  I rode to Mr. Smiths at Marlborough.  Col. Williams was there: and there I lodged.  Mr. Smith had been ill some time, and was Still in but a weak and dull state.

June 23, 1777

1777 June 23 (Monday).  A variety of Company — Mr. Phinehas Bowman, as an Officer, came to see Mrs. Baldwin.  Also the Widow of the late Eliezer Rice mourning for her son Alpheus.  Mr. James Miller was here and was examined.  Capt. Edmund Brigham pays me the remainder of my Sallery, [blot] issuing at June 16 New style viz. £ [31.12.2?] which with what Capt. Morse paid makes £66.13.4.

June 25, 1777

1777 June 25 (Wednesday).  Mr. Levi Warrin has my Oxen to go to Boston.  Neighbour Nurse and John Warrin return from Lexington with two load of Earthen Ware and a Letter from Samuel concerning the Clock which Breck sold and sent to Samuel, the Case of which is now brought back from Concord, I fear through some Misconstruction and Mistake.  P.M. Messrs. Stone, Crosby and How, with Crosbys two Sisters, Sally and Dolly, visit here.

June 26, 1777

1777 June 26 (Thursday).  Wrote to Mrs. P________ at Concord — and to Samuel about the Clock and his Chambers, 4 Volumes.  Sent the Letters to Gleasons, Waltham by Stephen Loomis of Hartford.  Yesterday and to day wrote to Coll. Baldwin — but instead of any other Way to Send it, Isaac comes from Brookfield and leads down an Horse for his Mother.  At Even. came Mr. Ebenezer Lovering of Ipswich Hamlett.  N.B. Breck came from Boston.  Invalids, accommodated with Neighbour Newtons mare, take a ride, nothing refreshing them like Riding.

June 29, 1777

1777 June 29 (Sunday).  I have not finished indeed what I designed to preach — but on this sabbath I was expected to preach to the young Soldiers which are enlisted for 3 years or Continuance of the War; and therefore I delivered my Discourse on Prov. 4.10 and added a pathetic Address to them.  Mr. Henry Marble and [1?]2 more, were Present in the Assembly and gratefully standing up.  May God by His holy spirit impress all their souls, and of the whole Audience with a due Sense of these weighty Things delivered to them!  My Daughters are rather worse.  Hannah especially has more discouraging symptoms — and Sophy is much affected with it.  May God graciously appear for our Help, or prepare us for His holy will!  It is a Time of great Trouble!

June 30, 1777

1777 June 30 (Monday).  Hannah through the great Goodness of God has rested comfortably, but Lucy had a poor morning: Riding being usefull, I rode with her in her Chaise to Mr. Gleasons.  I went also to Dr. Crosby’s.  The Doctor is at Providence in the Army.  His son being at home I agree with him to go with my Daughters in a designed Journey to Concord.  Mr. James Miller junior here — also Mr. B. Fay junior.  Squire Whipple being about to go to Brookfield, call for and takes a large Letter which I wrote to my Son Baldwin at Ticonderoga.  I looked for Mrs. P________ to come home, but she did not come.