May 6, 1777

1777 May 6 (Tuesday).  A Number of Men at Work in Carting out muck, viz. Mr. Nurse with 2 Teams, Thad Warrin and Chamberlain.  I went to Squire Bakers to see his Daughter Salley remarkably recovered from the Small Pox and got home.  N.B. The squires remarkable Generosity in giving me the Quarter of Beef which I had of him some Months agoe (Oct. 14 last, which weighed 121 lb.), and consents to take 3 young Creatures to pasture this Summer ensuing.  He is also very providentially accommodated with an Opportunity to Supply me, which he does, with a Pair of black leather Breeches.  Thanks to God for his Favour and Smiles this Day!