May 15, 1777

1777 May 15 (Thursday).  Hannah rode as far as Mr. Haskills with Mrs. Meheitabel Fay and her little sister; both of them Invalids.  James has a very great Cold.  A Training Day to enlist or draw out Soldiers into the Continental Army.  The four Brighams of Dartmouth College were here, viz. Moses, Levi, Elijah and Samuel.  Mrs. Spring came to see us — dines and lodges here.  Mr. Benjamin Fay came to me to speak about his joining with the Church, but I exhort him to go and be reconciled to his Brother.  Deacon Wood and serjeant Forbes were here, and expressly approved of my Method, in deferring the Propounding of Mr. Fay and his Wife, till they are reconciled to their Adversary (or at least use some proper means of Reconciliation by committing their Cause to some Wise, indifferent persons to judge and determine).