January 23, 1776

1776 January 23 (Tuesday).  Was called to Mr. Joseph Grout’s, the Family being greatly distressed.  It was feared Joseph (junior) and Seth were in danger of approaching Death.  I prayed with them.  Mr. Jonathan Grout waited on me, forth and back.  At Eve I went to Mrs. P________ at Mr. Spring’s.  N.B. Joseph Culloch who lives there is most probably in a very miserable plight, at this very juncture: but I was not so apprehensive of it while I saw him, as to say any thing to him or those who were with him.  Yet I can’t but deplore so horrible Dishonour and Offence to the glorious God and the Guilt and Danger of the poor Man!  May the Lord Omnipotent awaken, and Snatch him, and other such Wretched Creatures, from Destruction!