January 3, 1776

1776 January 3 (Wednesday).  Mr. Joseph McCulloch, being returned from the Army (as the rest of the soldiers of the former enlistment are), was here and helped in Killing Some of our Pork, viz. a Sow weighing (at Evening) 210, and a Pig of 120.  My Son Breck was with him in doing it.  P.M. I visited old Mr. Whitney, who continues paralytic.  He could not speak at all — his Mouth is drawn on one side: but seems to have the use of his Reason.  His Wife is much indisposed also.  By Desire I prayed with them in their Affliction.  At Eve Hannah goes to watch with her Cousen Davis.  Mr. Cullock comes and cutts out and Salts up our Pork: and Mr. Elisha Forbes with a variety of worthy presents to Me, Cheese, Beef etc.