January 16, 1776

1776 January 16 (Tuesday).  Wrote to Mr. Cushing.  Mr. Grosvenor, Mr. Jos. Hall and his Sister Miss Debby, in a sleigh going to Watertown.  One Mr. Jason Livermore of Leicester was going down the Road in a Sleigh.  Mrs. Wood desired him to call here and take me in, to go as far as Mr. Andrews’s with me; where we stoped and dined.  After Dinner he carryed Mrs. Andrews and me to the House of the Widow Gale, where the Corps was brought.  About half a Score Indians were met together and some Number of the English Neighbours.  I discoursed with what plainness I could, and with what pathos.  I prayed — and went into Mr. Gale’s to see his Father and Mother.  Prayed also with them.  Began to read an Out-of-the-Way Piece entitled The Restoration of all Things, or a Vindication of the Goodness and Grace of God to be manifested at last in the Recovery of his whole Creation out of the Fall.[1]

[1]Jeremiah White (1629-1707), The Restoraiton of All Things (London, 1712).