January 2, 1776

1776 January 2 (Tuesday).  I visited in the Street — one Mr. Hemingway a Fisherman from Boston, ill with pleurisy.  Mrs. Keene — her Husband and a great Number of Soldiers are returned home.  Went to Capt. Bakers and Saw the great Market there for Oxen, Hogs etc.  I dined there with a Number of their Butchers etc.  N.B. Mr. Josh. Johnson brings me a Copy of the Result of the Council of 11 Churches at Bolton June 11, 1771.  Mrs. P________ rode with Breck in the Sleigh.  He rode to Worcester, she went to Mr. Seth Rice’s and dined there.  But her chief Design was to visit her Cousen Davis, who is weak and low.  N.B. Coming out of Mr. Davis’s Door her feet slipped, She fell and Sprained her left Wrist.