January 1, 1776

1776 January 1 (Monday).  Since it has pleased God in His great Goodness to protract the Day of His Patience to this time, to my just Astonishment, it must be my earnest Care and diligent Enquiry, What I Shall render to the Lord for all His Benefits which He has conferred upon me, by Which Means I Shall glorifie Him most, and how I shall best improve the Opportunitys I yet through the divine Indulgence enjoy; So as to answer His kind Design therein?  I therefore Spent this New-Years Day in Thanksgiving praise, Supplications, Reviews, Remorse and Humiliations together with humbly Renewing my federal Engagements and Resolutions to be the Lords: And O that God would please to pardon, quicken and assist me; the rather because my further Space is Shorter and shorter; is altogether uncertain, and I know not what a Day, what an Hour may bring forth.  Might I therefore be effectually impressed with it, that I get and keep ready for my Departure!


As to the Changes, the Transactions, the Accidents, and Events of this ensuing Year, which we have now begun, whether I Shall live to see them or no, they are like to be to an high Degree important.  They are in the Hands of the Omnipotent Supreme, who is to be owned and acknowledged the universal Monarch, most wise and righteous, good and faithful.  May I have the Grace to [trust?] the inestimable Cause depending, with Him; and would [re?]pose all that relates to Me and Mine, in His Care, His Power, His Tenderness and Unchangeableness.  All will [is]sue in His Glory.  In Him All is safe and secure forever!