January 7, 1776

1776 January 7 (Sunday).  Blessed be God we have the Favour to enjoy another Lords Day — that we may begin the Year of Sabbaths!  God only knows whether we Shall have this privalege continued through it.  I preached on Rom. 3.28, carrying on the Course of Sermon of Last sabbath and Sabbath before.  Now on Faith.  P.M. I delivered with alterations and Additions My two sermons on Eccl. 7.1 and in the Close offered pathetic Exhortations considering the important Changes and Events of this ensuing Year.  May God succeed them especially to my own Soul!  Mrs. Rombly, and Miss Suse Brigham dined.  Mr. May at Coffee with us at Eve.  He prayed and lodges here, as does Suse.