January 24, 1775

1775 January 24 (Tuesday).  Hannahs arm is much swelled and grows very troublesome.  I was at Deacon Woods: but he was not at home.  Mrs. Winchester was there.  I visited old Lieut. Forbush and dined there.  Mr. Ebenezers Wife is confined by an Asthma.  Visit also Old Mrs. Sarah Forbush under her Cancer.  Returning home found a Company of Framingham Folks; Mr. Gleason and his wife, and her Brother William Brown and his Sister Ruhy, with a Daughter of Major Farrars, who dined here.  They have been to Leicester; and inform me that Alexander has been ill of a bad Swelling in his Throat, which has taken him off from his Business for about a month.  At Eve came old Mr. David Maynard, and afterwards Deacon Wood.  They tell me they have been, and Mr. Tainter with them, to See Mr. Samuel Fay, who, they find, is very much disturbed with me, that I don’t make my son Breck pay him for his dead Mare, or turn him out of Doors if he will not.  Such was the unreasonableness of his Conversation with them and that he would not come to meeting till he had Satisfaction.