January 13, 1775

1775 January 13 (Friday).  A very cold morning.  Brother Stone came [to] Mr. Smiths, according to appointment, but he was so overcome with the Cold that for a while he refused to go any further.  After a little space We undertook the difficult Ride.  We called at Mr. Jonathan Lorings, whose son Israel was confined by means of the Fall of a Tree lately, upon him, and had broken one of his Arms.  We dined at the House of Mourning.  The Children were all there with their Consorts, except Dr. Samuel and his, and attended the Interrment, but the Old Gentlewoman was too infirm to go out.  It was my Part to pray, and to be the Eldest Bearer.  The rest were Rev. Messrs. Stone, Swift, Bridge of Sudbury, Johnson of Harvard, and Abraham Wood of [blank].  No Gloves, nor any other Token was given, agreeable to the advice of the Continental Congress’s Advice.  May it please God most deeply to impress us with His Almighty Grace, Support us under the heavy weight of this sorrow, Sustain His aged Handmaid especially and prepare us for our Departure!  Mr. Stone and I lodged there.