January 9, 1775

1775 January 9 (Monday).  The Doctor leaves us.  Samuel goes to Brookfield.  P.M. was a remarkable Church-meeting; about not only Mrs. Eunice Rice and Brother Samuel Fay; but the paper which Eleven Brethren had signed, requesting the Church to bear solemn Testimony against the Convention of the Year before last, their Piece, of Observations etc. and the Associations Piece against Bolton etc.  N.B. Capt. Jonas Brigham moved that before we begin, the Church would choose a Moderator and Clerk.  The Pastor replyed that he was the Standing Moderator by Vertue of his Office, as Pastor and Elder: that in his Ordination he was constituted so; and took the Oversight of them in the Lord etc.  I had not much more Trouble about that matter.  Only I think that Joseph Harrington and Benjamin Tainter were for having a Moderator and Clerk chose.  But Squire Whipple manifested his Disquietment at Capt. Brighams Conduct, and conceived it to be too insulting to the Pastor etc.  Some others also of this mind.  It at length went over.  Adjourned to this Day Month, 1 P.M.  At Eve Mr. Gale came in.  Read him my Letter to Capt. Silas Bailey.  At Eve also Mr. Hutchinson returning from Carlyle.