January 16, 1775

1775 January 16 (Monday).  I returned home to Westborough, and in safety.  Blessed be God for Such Preservations and of my Family in my Absence!  And O that I might suitably improve this Longsuffering of God towards me.  All the venerable Persons who joined together in Association on June 5, 1725, are now dead, but I only, who was the youngest, weakest and unworthiest.  N.B. In my way home called at Mr. Lorings, who gave me 6 M.S. sermons of his Fathers; at Miss Betty Eagers, who is Sick; at Dr. Curtis’s, where I dined; at Mr. Smiths, who is not better, as I conceive; and fear he will not continue long.  I called also at Mr. Edmund Brighams.  Arriving at home I found Mr. Thomas Kendal here, who had been at Cagnawaga, and last from Dartmouth College.  He came.  Mrs. P_____ informs me that Mr. Jer. Barnard preached for me yesterday a.m. on Act. 16.30.31, P.M. on Joh. 14.23.  Mr. Barnard went to Bolton.  Mr. Kendal tarrys with me.