January 2, 1775

1775 January 2 (Monday).  Am chiefly reading Dr. I. Mathers seasonable Testimony, of the Authority of Synods or Councils etc.[1] and other such Tracts on Church Government, the Power of Elders, and Privilege of Brethren etc.  I saw Mr. Ebenezer Chamblerlin junior who I have heard was dissatifyed with me; and endeavoured to remove his Disgust — but I found he harped (as others do) on my disobliging the Town, by denying to join with them in their Covenant, on July 4.  This I find has grievously disaffected them.  May God be pleased to direct me to some Expedient for Reconciliation!  We had uncommon Trouble to day in breaking a way to the Ministerial Lot.  Breck was much fatigued, and went but once with the Team.  Asa Ware stayed to cut.

[1]Increase Mather, A Seasonable Testimony to Good Order in the Churches of the Faithful (Boston, 1720).  Evans 2149.