January 1, 1775

1775 January 1 (Sunday).  I desire humbly to bless the Great almighty Author of my Being, and my most merciful Preserver, for His astonishing Goodness and Longsuffering towards me, that He has Sustained me through another year, and granted me to see the Light of this Morning — not only of New-Year’s Day, but a Sabbath-Day!  A Day of the son of man; and a Day of Grace!  I am wonderfully favoured with Health and Ease, and many Enjoyments pertaining both to the Life that now is and that which is to come.  But I am under the Sore Frown of Heaven by the Displeasure of very many of my dear People, for my refusing to intermeddle with their civil Transactions when they Signed a Covenant July 4th last.  The Lord Sanctifie this great Affliction, and grant me Wisdom to improve it!  Preached a.m. on Ps. 73.26.  Master Jenison dined here.  P.M. on 1 Thess. 5.19 to p. 9.  Which may God graciously accompany with His Blessing!  I stopped the Church after Exercises — to consult them upon When they would have a Church meeting to consider the Cases of Several Delinquents, viz. of Eunice Rice and Samuel Fay: also to hear a Paper which I have received from a Number of Brethren, and See what the Church would do upon it.  I acquainted them also that [illegible] the Church did not see cause to accept of the Confession which the said Eunice had made, and on the other hand she would not consent to what the Church had drawn up for her; and they had Sent a Committee to her, who reported that she would abide by what she had sent already, I had therefore collected out of hers Such parts as might perhaps give satisfaction, if the rest of it were omitted.  This I offered to read, that if they liked it, they might send it to her etc.  But Mr. Batherick Said he did not want to stay in the Cold to hear it.  Several Others the like.  However, there was a further Number of Others still (as Brother Daniel Forbes, Thomas Bond, and divers [with?] them, so that I conceived it to be a greater Number than the former) desiring that it might be read, I read it.  But nothing further was done about it.  I asked the Church what Day they inclined to have the Church meeting upon?  It was agreed that tomorrow come sennight Should be the Day, and at one o’Clock precisely.  But no provision was made for notifying those Delinquents.  May God be pleased to prepare me for His Will!