January 21, 1770

1770 January 21 (Sunday).  Though a Cold Day yet there was a considerable Assembly, especially in the afternoon.  Mr. McClellan preached a.m. on Rom.5.6 and p.m. on Heb. 3.7.8, and in the Close was fervent especially when he urged the Consideration of ETERNITY.  He and Master Parker dined here.  After the Exercises Mr. Wood came and conducted Mr. McC. to his House in his sleigh.  Ruth Bellows was here the last Week, but this Eve went home.  N.B. Received a M.S. Sermon from Mr. Loring with a Letter from him.  O that his prayers and wishes concerning me might be answered!  Read in the Evening to the Family part of Mr. Barkers Sermon in the morning Exercise on Mat. 11.24.