January 4, 1770

1770 January 4 (Thursday).  Mr. James Parker is come to keep at the Whipple School; and this being much nearer, both John and Elias go there.  I hear also that Bowman is come from College to keep at the Warrin School House (besides Mr. Taylors at the Grout School-House).  To these we may add Mrs. Eunice Rice’s School for little Children, little Girls especially, so that we are just now peculiarly alive on School Accounts.  I went over to visit Mrs. Green again; and as I went, dined with Mr. Parker at Mr. Whipples.  I found Mrs. Green Still loosing Ground and growing Worse in Body, but in a good Frame of Mind.  She seems willing to die, and resigns to the Will of God.  Prayed with her, which she is very thankfull for, and for my visit and Assistance.