January 14, 1770

1770 January 14 (Sunday).  I have asked Mr. James Parker, School-master, to preach for me part of the Day — and therefore have prepared for but one part my Self.  But I can’t understand whether he is able to come out, being valetudinary.  And therefore to carry on my Subject of Repentance and particularly of that part which is concerning Conviction of sin, I used part of my Discourse on John 16.8, viz. Some passages here and there from p. 9, and then from p. 11 to 16, intending to deliver p.m. what I had prepared for that Exercise.  But Mr. Parker came to meeting.  He dined with me, and undertook if I would pray (the first prayer) to deliver a short sermon which he did on Eccl. 1.2.  Vanity etc.  N.B. Mrs. Green expired this morning.  Miss Molly Whipple is ill of the Throat Distemper.  My son John goes not out — has last night taken physic, and is tender (though his Physic does not work), and is under Other Disadvantages.  Ruth Bellows with us.  She came yesterday.