January 7, 1770

1770 January 7 (Sunday).  It was very Stormy — Wind and Rain — The Earth So opened and filled with Water, that it is extreamly muddy and difficult getting to Meeting.  Lt. Baker comes With his Chaise, for Mrs. Parkman and Sophy and carrys them to Meeting — returns them home also both a. and p.m.  Very few women came.  All the Womens long Seats below were empty.  So were their Gallerys above.  There was no Woman in either.  I preached a. and p.m. on Lam. 1.9.  Neighbour Daniel How dined with us.  May God be pleased to awaken us to a due Remembrance of Death and Eternity So as to be fitted and prepared therefor!  In the Evening read Bishop Stillingf. Origines Sacrae.