February 1, 1770

1770 February 1 (Thursday).  Capt. Jonathan Fay here to acquaint me with the Distresses of his Wife, and that the Infant born is dead.  They desire I would be with them tomorrow at the burying of it.  Sermonizing.  I visited Mrs. Hawes.  She is weak and low.  Prayed and gave Thanks to God.  Mr. Morse from Boston says, there the Report is, that the Acts are repealed.  Ruth and Sophy go to Dr. Hawes’s at Evening and tarryed all night.

February 5, 1770

1770 February 5 (Monday).  Alexander Oliver leaves us to go to Charlestown, and Boston if the Ferry be passable.  Mr. Seth Woods carrys away Ruth Bellows, to his Wife.  I visit and pray with Dr. Haws’s Wife, who is still very low.  P.M. Four young men came to chop up my Wood at the Door, viz. John Fay, Jonathan Forbes, Nathan Fay and Eli Harrington.  Mr. Moses Thompson and his sister Adams, who have come over to see their sister Hawes, Mr. Silas Hill and his wife, and Master Taylor, were here to see us.

February 7, 1770

1770 February 7 (Wednesday).  My son Alexander acquaints me with his Desire to throw up at Sturbridge and buy at Leicester, and settle there.  He waits on his Mother to Capt. Maynards.  P.M. He goes back to Framingham.  Consent to be bound for him for 600£ old Tenor on Condition that (as he proposes) the Premises be mortgaged to me for security.  Alexander Oliver goes home to Brookfield.  Wrote by him to John.  Wrote to Rochester and Sent it by Mr. Daniel Grout to Boston for Convayence.  Am Called to visit at Mr. Francis Whipple’s, another of his Children has the Throat Distemper.  Went and prayed with them.  Thence to Capt. Maynards and brought Mrs. P. home.  Sermonize on Prov. 28.13.  N.B. One Silas Childs, a poor rheumatic man, of Barnstable, and about 55 years of Age, here, and wants what can be spared him.

February 11, 1770

1770 February 11 (Sunday).  Preached a. and p.m. on Rev. 2.21.  For there were some special Reasons why I did not deliver what I had prepared, and which I weighed and considered as well as I could.  But besides, I could not compleat the forenoon preparation without being somewhat late; though pages enough were writ, yet the Exercise was not finished.  This Set of Sermons were very Suitable to the Subject which I had been upon, Repentance, and Seasonable, as the Throat Distemper has broke out among us again.  At Evening Esq. Jedidiah Marcy of Dudley was here (upon Alexanders Invitation) and Supped here.

February 12, 1770

1770 February 12 (Monday).  My Son Alexander wants I Should go with him to Leicester to be bound for him if he buys the House, Mill etc. which one Ebenezer Crossman, Clothier, lately occupied there.  Before we went came Mr. Steward from Marlborough with Request (Verbal) from Mr. Smith to attend a Church Meeting next Friday at Marlborough, Mr. Smith himself being incapable, in his low state, to Moderate etc.  I replyed, the Weather uncertain, my going a Journey, etc.  Still Mr. Steward insisted and was not unwilling to preach for me next Sabbath — where upon I consented to go if I could with any Convenience etc.  My Son and I (Eating at home with out Dinner formality) Sat out about 12 o’Clock, and towards night arrived at the Forge House, so called.  Mr. John Southgate came to us.  Go to Mr. Matthew Watson’s.  There into Evening preparing the way for a Trade.  I go up to Mr. Conklins who is ill of Rheumatism, and lodge there.  Alexander to the Tavern (one Bond’s).

February 13, 1770

1770 February 13 (Tuesday).  Very foul weather.  A.M. kept at Mr. Conklins by the Storm — but there came to me the Three Partners in the Interest which my Son wants to Purchase, viz. Capt. John Brown, Mr. Mat. Watson (with whom was Mr. Thomas Denny) and Mr. John Southgate.  We all (except the last person) dined handsomely at Mr. Conklins.  The afternoon is spent in the Partners settling of their Accounts and agreeing with Mr. Watson about the Privilege of the Dam and Pond.  At Evening he consents and Quit Claims are signed by Capt. Brown and prepared for the Southgates John and Robert.  A Deed is prepared and signed by Mr. Watson.  Alexander and I lodge at Mr. Conklins.

February 14, 1770

1770 February 14 (Wednesday).  After Breakfast we came to Messrs. Southgates; went thence and viewed the works at the Place, the House, the Mill, the Dam, the Stream, and had a List of the Tools — and they were delivered to Alexander.  Then went to Mr. Watsons, where his wife Signed the Deed (as he had done last night) and then the witnesses signed.  Then Alex and I Signed the notes for payment of the money.  Mr. Denny asked me to dine with him and I went.  Din’d agreeably, Mr. Chaplin of Sutton and his wife being there.  I returned to Mr. Watson who had been with Alex to Squire Henshaw, the Justice that took Mr. Watsons acknowledgement (Alexander having dined with Watson), and though rainy and the Floods high we proceeded on our Journey as far as to Mr. Sumners, where we were kindly received and agreeably entertained.  Letter from my son Cushing that Sarah was Sick.  Sister Cushing was gone with the Ashburnham Messenger.

February 16, 1770

1770 February 16 (Friday).  So stormy and the Ground Hollow I could not go to Marlborough nor Sir Bradshaw to Brookfield nor Alexander, his Wife and Child to Framingham.  P.M. Mr. Jonathan Walker from No. 4 with Flax: bought 21½ lbs. of him, part of 5/, part 5/7 1/2 per pound.  Gave him a note for £5.16 old Tenor to Mr. Daniel Forbes.  At Eve came Breck from Ashby, and much tired.  His Brother William has writ to me of his Trouble and Difficulty at the Time of the great Thaw in January last.  He himself got over a swift stream which he was endeavouring to pass — but his Horse was carryed down the Current — but was at length stopped and was got out — the Saddle and Housing finally lost.  Sermonizing nigh finished for a.m. what I had been before providing.

February 18, 1770

1770 February 18 (Sunday).  On consideration of Some Peculiar Circumstances I thought it best to wave the preparations I had composed and with New Introduction delivered two Discourses on Isa. 66.2, accommodated to follow upon what was delivered last Sabbath.  Mr. King, Ruth Bellows.  Dined here.  Old Mrs. Kelly can’t get home — travelling being extreamly bad.  She tarrys here.

February 20, 1770

1770 February 20 (Tuesday).  Alex, his Wife and Child yet here; the weather too rough for them to go.  But Breck, upon my Colt, undertakes a Journey to Wrentham, Medfield, and Boston.  Mr. Joseph How of Marlborough brings me a Letter from Mr. Smith requesting me to attend their Church Meeting next Monday.  I consent with submission to Providence.  Mrs. Kelly here yet and Spends her time profitably; Spinning excellent Thread.  Magnalia.

February 21, 1770

1770 February 21 (Wednesday).  Alexander gets Mr. Thaddeus Warrens Horse for his Wife to ride home upon, and carrys his Child himself before him.  Thus they return to Framingham.  I visit poor Garfields Child that has the Canker.  Call at the Doctors to see his Wife.  Hear that Mr. John Maynard (Shooe maker) is very bad with bilious Cholick.  Mr. Hezekiah Maynard of Marlborough here and wants to relate the story of the present Contest between Rev. Smith and Alpheus Woods, but I refused to hear it.  Alexander returns from Framingham.  I wrote a Mortgage of the Leicester purchase, which Alexander offered to give me if I would be bound for him.

February 22, 1770

1770 February 22 (Thursday).  Alex. signs the mortgage.  Mr. Nurse and Jonas Kenny are Witnesses.  Alex. leaves us — takes the mortgage with him to acknowledge it before Squire Whipple.  P.M. Old Mr. Chadwick here to inform me that another of Mr. Seth Gashitts Children is dead of the Throat Distemper, and that they desire me to attend the Funeral tomorrow, at 2 p.m.  I visited Mr. John Maynard in his sickness.  Was also at Deacon Woods to visit them so newly after her Lying in.  But She was asleep, and I did not converse with her.

February 23, 1770

1770 February 23 (Friday).  Attended the Funeral of another of Mr. Seth Gashitts Children, about 3 years and 5 months old.  The name was Betty.  It dyed yesterday morning.  I dined at Mr. James Bowmans.  Deacon Cheney of Ashburnham here.  He informs that my Daughter Cushing is better.  He also acquaints us that there was yesterday a dreadful Riot at Boston.  The Mob besett Mr. William Jacksons House: that a Gun was shot from the House and a Lad was killed.  Upon which a Soldier rushed into the House and seized a Young man with the Gun in his Hand.  My Kinsman Elias was wont to live there: but can’t yet know whether it was he or no.  Expected Breck from Boston last night, and fear whether he is well, Since he delays his Coming.

February 26, 1770

1770 February 26 (Monday).  Breck goes to Brookfield to work there.  I rode to Marlborough at Mr. Smiths and the Churchs Request to assist Mr. Smith at a Church meeting.  Dined at Mr. Smiths, with Mr. Stone and Mr. Steward.  P.M. Mr. Smith went with us to the Church meeting.  By Desire I prayed.  Mr. Alpheus Woods who was complained of and also Complainant, was there.  He was bent upon beating off and deferring the Business for this time.  And after many Debates, to gratifie Mr. Woods the Meeting was adjourned again; and according to his Desire, to the first Tuesday in May next.  Mr. Stone, Mr. Steward and I returned to Mr. Smiths: where, it being late and very Cold, I tarryed all night.

February 27, 1770

1770 February 27 (Tuesday).  I rode up to Northborough and dined at Mr. Richard Martyns.  Visit at Mr. Whitneys — and Mr. John Martyns — Saw old Lady, but her son and his wife were come over into the Town, and were here, but I missed of them.  I saw also Mr. Whitney, returning from a Journey to Billerica.  Came home at Eve.  Mr. (or Brother) Brown of Framingham had called here while I was gone.