January 1, 1770

1770 January 1 (Monday).  Such is the Long suffering of God we begin another Year.  I desire to take a grateful Notice of it.  I desire to be Grateful for the Favours granted me hit[h]erto: to be deeply humble for past Offences: to enter into fresh resolutions to Serve and glorifie God my Almighty Author, Preserver and Benefactor: And to Committ and Resign to Him the whole of my Life that remains; all the Events of the Ensuing Year, as it shall Please God to continue me, whether a longer or shorter part of it.  My Son William with us.  Mr. Nurse has brought me from Mrs. Holbrook Four Vols. more of the Morning Exercises.  I have now 7 Vols. but I find that there is One which is a Duplicate, viz. The Cases of Conscience.  Elias begins to learn the Accidence.

January 4, 1770

1770 January 4 (Thursday).  Mr. James Parker is come to keep at the Whipple School; and this being much nearer, both John and Elias go there.  I hear also that Bowman is come from College to keep at the Warrin School House (besides Mr. Taylors at the Grout School-House).  To these we may add Mrs. Eunice Rice’s School for little Children, little Girls especially, so that we are just now peculiarly alive on School Accounts.  I went over to visit Mrs. Green again; and as I went, dined with Mr. Parker at Mr. Whipples.  I found Mrs. Green Still loosing Ground and growing Worse in Body, but in a good Frame of Mind.  She seems willing to die, and resigns to the Will of God.  Prayed with her, which she is very thankfull for, and for my visit and Assistance.

January 7, 1770

1770 January 7 (Sunday).  It was very Stormy — Wind and Rain — The Earth So opened and filled with Water, that it is extreamly muddy and difficult getting to Meeting.  Lt. Baker comes With his Chaise, for Mrs. Parkman and Sophy and carrys them to Meeting — returns them home also both a. and p.m.  Very few women came.  All the Womens long Seats below were empty.  So were their Gallerys above.  There was no Woman in either.  I preached a. and p.m. on Lam. 1.9.  Neighbour Daniel How dined with us.  May God be pleased to awaken us to a due Remembrance of Death and Eternity So as to be fitted and prepared therefor!  In the Evening read Bishop Stillingf. Origines Sacrae.

January 9, 1770

1770 January 9 (Tuesday).  John and Elias goe to school.  Richard Temple Swingles Flax.  I preached at Mr. Daniel Hardys on Heb. 2.1.  Mrs. Hardys Cancer grows worse.  Blind Mrs. Deland there; as was blind Molly Warrin.  May God bless His Word to us, and help us to guard against letting it slip!  It was too tedious weather and difficult going for my wife to venture.  My Girls were neither of them well.

January 12, 1770

1770 January 12 (Friday).  I attended the Funeral of little Abner Whipple (Son of Mr. Francis Whipple), nigh 4 Years old.  A Child much set by, and which the Grand Parents had Set much by.  He was taken ill but last Monday, and dyed yesterday morning Some time before Day.  N.B. Mr. Jonathan Park of Sutton brought my Watch last Night from Mr. Rogers of Newtown, Cleaned and Set to rights as I hope.  I suppose Ensign Miller has been clearing in my Chauncy Swamp, he having been here yesterday and desired to bargain with me about it.  And Some body has been at work to day there, as I conceive.

January 14, 1770

1770 January 14 (Sunday).  I have asked Mr. James Parker, School-master, to preach for me part of the Day — and therefore have prepared for but one part my Self.  But I can’t understand whether he is able to come out, being valetudinary.  And therefore to carry on my Subject of Repentance and particularly of that part which is concerning Conviction of sin, I used part of my Discourse on John 16.8, viz. Some passages here and there from p. 9, and then from p. 11 to 16, intending to deliver p.m. what I had prepared for that Exercise.  But Mr. Parker came to meeting.  He dined with me, and undertook if I would pray (the first prayer) to deliver a short sermon which he did on Eccl. 1.2.  Vanity etc.  N.B. Mrs. Green expired this morning.  Miss Molly Whipple is ill of the Throat Distemper.  My son John goes not out — has last night taken physic, and is tender (though his Physic does not work), and is under Other Disadvantages.  Ruth Bellows with us.  She came yesterday.

January 15, 1770

1770 January 15 (Monday).  John being confined, having taken another Portion of physick, and the Bucket of the Lower Well having dropt in, the Cattle (17 Head) were drove to the ponds in the South Pasture; but it was very icy and Slippery under the Snow, so that the Pied Coww (as She is called), somewhat heavy with Calf, fell in to the water, and her hinder parts were covered.  We were alarmed.  Mr. Edmund Chamberlin helped her out.  The most of the Cattle were afraid to go to drink.  Was obliged to go to Neighbour Arnolds for assistance to get up the Bucket.  John Arnold succeeds in it, and in fastening it on the Pole.  It is with considerable Exertment that my two Boys, this cold Day, get their work done.  Orig. Sacrae.

January 16, 1770

1770 January 16 (Tuesday).  My Wife and I attend the Funeral of Mrs. Abigail Green (wife of Mr. Joseph Green junior).  She is buryed with great Lamentation.  The Lord Sanctifie her Death to all of us!  Orig. Sacr. at Evening.  Visited poor old Mr. Dunlop, dined there.  Prayed with them also.  Visit at Mr. Bucks — but still he is not at home; at Mr. Martyn Pratts; at Mrs. Kendals.  When I returned went out again to see poor Neighbour Williams who is worse.  At night one Aaron Stretton, a journey man to Mr. Wheelock, but born and bred at Cohanzy in the Jerseys, was here.

January 19, 1770

1770 January 19 (Friday).  Mr. Nurse with Mr. Thaddeus Warrin go to the Ministerial Lot — and having my Oxen, they draw with them and their own Teams 3 Logs to the saw-mill.  But going late they come home late in the Evening.  Sermonizing.  Master Bowman came to See me at Eve.  Also Mr. John Wood from Colrain.  Acquaints me that Mr. McClallan their minister is come down with him and is at his House.  I told him to give my Compliments and desire him to come here tomorrow.

January 20, 1770

1770 January 20 (Saturday).  A.M. do something further in my Preparations.  P.M. Mr. Wood came with Rev. Mr. Daniel McClallan.  He Shews me his Testimonials of his Licence for preaching — his admission into the Presbytery, and his Installment Pastor of Coulrain.  Which having seen and interrogated as I then thought meet, I asked him to preach tomorrow.  He endeavoured to excuse himself as a stranger etc., Presbyterian etc., but upon my manifesting my Self Satisfyed and repeating my Desire, he consented to preach half the Day.  Afterwards he yielded to the other Part also.  He returned to Mr. Wood’s.

January 21, 1770

1770 January 21 (Sunday).  Though a Cold Day yet there was a considerable Assembly, especially in the afternoon.  Mr. McClellan preached a.m. on Rom.5.6 and p.m. on Heb. 3.7.8, and in the Close was fervent especially when he urged the Consideration of ETERNITY.  He and Master Parker dined here.  After the Exercises Mr. Wood came and conducted Mr. McC. to his House in his sleigh.  Ruth Bellows was here the last Week, but this Eve went home.  N.B. Received a M.S. Sermon from Mr. Loring with a Letter from him.  O that his prayers and wishes concerning me might be answered!  Read in the Evening to the Family part of Mr. Barkers Sermon in the morning Exercise on Mat. 11.24.

January 23, 1770

1770 January 23 (Tuesday).  Read the Life of the eminent Mr. Mitchel of Cambridge, in Dr. Mathers Magnalia.  Visit Neighbour Arnold who is confined yet.  At Eve Timothy Warrin junior came with a sleigh and in his Fathers Name, invite me who have not been to their New House, since they dwelt in it, and would have Mrs. P______ to ride with me, to visit them.  We could not resist this, though sudden, yet earnest Importunity.  We had a pleasant Time.  Mr. Andrews and his Wife, with Master Phinehas Bowman, and Mr. Stockwell, were there.  We had handsome Entertainment and civil and religious Conversation.  About nine we returned home.  Daniel How is here.  Stays and lodges with us.

January 28, 1770

1770 January 28 (Sunday).  Preached on Act. 20.2l, those words, “testifying — Repentance towards God.”  Mr. McClallan at Meeting.  He dined here, as did Master Nat. Harrington and Master Taylor.  Mr. McClallan preached p.m. on 2 Thess. 1.7.8.  May God bless the awakening Discourse to us all!  He was here in the Evening.  Deacon Wood and his son waited upon him.

January 29, 1770

1770 January 29 (Monday).  A.M. was at Deacon Wood’s, and Spoke with Mr. McClalland, who seemed last Night somewhat to resent my insisting for his Credentials, before I asked him to preach; yet he then owned I had a Right to make Enquiry into those Things; nor did he make much Hesitation.  All was now (as I hope) set to rights.  We part in Peace.  At Eve Mr. Tainter and his wife made us a Visit and Supped here.  Magnalia etc.

January 30, 1770

1770 January 30 (Tuesday).  Before Day Dr. Hawes comes for Mrs. P______ and carrys her in his sleigh to his Wife who is in Travail.  Mr. William Pierce, and Benjamin Wood, Sent by the Deacon, killed two Piggs for me.  One of 100, the other 114 pounds.  Alexander came from Framingham.  Disappointed in his Design of carrying home his Wife and Child; by Reason of the Childs not being well, and the great Thaw.  Mrs. Hawes has a fine son.  I read some part of Winter Evening Entertainment, Vol. 1.

January 31, 1770

1770 January 31 (Wednesday).  Alexander returns to Sturbridge.  Jonas Kenny came kindly to assist in cutting and Salting our Pork.  At Eve came Jonathan Forbes from Brookfield with my Horse, and with a Letter from Mr. Forbes, that John is gone to live as apprentice to Mr. Hitchcock, that my son Breck is also come from Ashby to work with Mr. Hitchcocks Brother, a Shop-Joyner — and that all, especially my Daughter Baldwin, are well.  Blessed be God for all His Goodness to me and mine!  Thus ends this Month.  “So teach us to number our Days etc.!”