March 29, 1767

1767 March 29 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 50.  Preached on the divine Attributes from Job 36.26.  Used Catechetical Exercise from p. 46 to 52.  Deacon Tainter remains bad.  His son Simon dines here.  P.M. read Joh. 15.  Preached on Isa. 49.8, using the Close of sermon on 2 Cor. 6.2, viz. from p. 23 to p. 30.  Before Night Mr. Benjamin Tainter brings a sorrowful Letter from Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury, dated at Westminster, informing that his Daughter Rice dyed this Morning about 7 o’Clock, is to be buryed tomorrow at 11 and that my presence there is much needed.  ‘Tis very Shocking to us!  The Lord Sanctifie it to the bereaved Husband, Parents, etc.!  I wrote to Mr. Morse in the Evening of the impossibility of my being there etc.