March 11, 1767

1767 March 11 (Wednesday).  Expected Mr. Martyn to preach my Lecture but he came not.  I was obliged to preach my Self.  Text Mal. 3.14, former part.  May the Lord confirm and encourage us in waiting upon Him in prayer and in special Ordinances!  Mr. Zechariah Hicks returned and dined here.  After Meeting Mr. Cushing here, and Mr. Batherick came.  The latter apprized me that a Number of Brethren had stopped at the Meeting House, with Mr. Timothy Warrin and his wife — and that they were very uneasy about her Testimony etc.  He asked Mr. Cushing whether she desired him to write it?  etc. etc.  I related how that matter was conducted (namely on the Day of the Church Meeting last Nov. 6).  Dr. Crosby here about Mr. Samuel Fay and his Daughter in Law — but I did not care to meddle in that Affair.  Squire Whipple also here, and Cousin Larkin Williams a[t] Tea with us.  Mr. Cushing at Supper and lodged here.  Much Searching of Heart on Account of the Trouble, so stirring up, respecting Mrs. Warrin.  May the Lord deliver us out of this snare!  I am grieved that it Should be at this Time, to discompose us.