March 5, 1767

1767 March 5 (Thursday).  I rode to Mr. Joseph Greens and dine there: but my chief Aim is to visit Elizabeth Cutter at Mr. Samuel Fays.  Went, but was a second Time defeated; for She this morning removed to her uncle Hastings’s in Shrewsbury, which though for the Benefit of the Girl, and to Mr. Fays relief, yet he is much disquieted about because She was removed without their giving him notice of.  It Seems they feared he would not have consented, although Necessity, and Mercy to the Girl, force them to take these steps.  Before Night I went down to Mr. Timothy Warrins to give him (which I did) a Copy of his Wife’s Testimony which I read in our Church Meeting last November about Mrs. Andrews etc.  N.B. He was pretty Sanguine, but I endeavoured to mollifie.  He had been with me a.m. to desire the Said Coppy, and Seam’d to be apprehensive of Some Difficulty, I know not what, arising from some Quarter: and said he was going to see about it.  And went away South, when he left me in the forenoon.  From his Door, I rode to Mr. Andrews’s, which was my principal Design, to make a Visit there; she having invited me repeatedly, when I saw her about a fortnight Since, at Mr. Bradish’s.  In this Visit they treated me kindly, and no word was uttered of our Difference.  Mr. Cushing, who lodged there, was present.  Mr. Timothy Warrin came there and asked me to call at his House, in the Name of his Wife, who he said wanted to Speak with me.  I did so; and told her, I was come at her Request; but she said nothing of special note; her Husband was not returned.  So all went over for this Time.