March 26, 1767

1767 March 26 (Thursday).  Dr. Haws visits John and he takes Physic, which works but once upward but many times downward.  I Catechized Children.  51 Boys, 29 Girls.  May God succeed what I have said to them.  Deacon Tainter very bad.  I visited, and prayed with him.  He tells me that Mr. D. Forb. and Mr. Z. Rice were at their House last night, and very full of Disquietment etc.  And that his son was with them in it.  Mr. Temple met me, and wants me to go to his House to Baptize his new-born Infant.  But I was promised to others.  Mr. Edmund Rice had come at Noon on the like Errand — but I was otherwise engaged.  At Eve I marryed Timothy Warrin junior to Thankful How.  Mr. Richard Martyn brought home his Wife, as I hear.