August 27, 1764

1764 August 27 (Monday).  Wrote to Mr. Lull by John Maynard — to warn him that if he does not pay me, nor Secure me better in my Right, within 3 months, I Shall esteem the 35 Acre Lott (37 it Should be) mine and may dispose of it.  I visit Mr. Phinehas Hardys wife who is very low again.  Thomas Rice of Pownalborough, Esq. there.  We dine there.  I prayed with them.  Deacon Tainter here at Eve.  N.B. I saw him going over to A. Bruce’s p.m. and I had desired him to use his Endeavours to perswade Mr. Bruce to let Beeton move into the House.  He said he was going there for that End.