August 20, 1764

1764 August 20 (Monday).  John Kelley, Son of long Kelley, of Hopkinton here again, demanding pay for a Shirt which he says he afforded to Capt. McKeen to bury my Son Thomas in — and although I have understood that Capt. McKeen told him, he Should See to it, to pay him for it, and has received all Thomas’s Wages, for that End that he might pay all his Debts and funeral Charges, I gave him 3£ old Tenor and made him a present of Mr. Guthries’s Trial of a Saving Interest etc.  I took no Receipt, but Mr. Aaron Nurse and Miss Betty Gott were present.  Mr. Moses Nurse in great Trouble and wants to borrow money.  I wrote him a Note to Mr. Green, but it was to Small purpose.  Mr. Green at Eve paid me £4.12 old Tenor.  At Eve came Mr. Abercrombie from Pelham.  Brought me a Collection of Pamphlets relative to the Secession in Scotland in the year 1732 and 1733, viz. Mr. Ebenezer Erskines Sermon at Perth at the opening of the Synod, from Ps. 118.22.  The true state of the process against him — and the Representations of Masters Eb. Erskine, James Fisher, William Wilson and Alexander Moncrief etc. etc.  He lodged here.