August 12, 1764

1764 August 12 (Sunday).  Read Prov. 15.  In preaching a. and p.m. I used Expositions on Mat. 5.21.22 with some Additions etc.  The Occasion was this, I Spent a great deal of Time in consulting Authors, Some Number of them upon the passage I was writing upon, viz. Mat. 16.19, and although I had provided as much as might suffice for an Exercise, yet it would be a detriment to break off there — though it was my Design to deliver it, till I found that the subject I was to repeat in the a.m. would best profit, by going on with the Same p.m. and that the a.m. Exercise would be greatly hurt without.  I proceeded to deliver the rest also; which therefore I did.  Widow Smith and Mrs. Hannah Rice dined here.  Admitted the latter into the Church.  N.B. Read p.m. Mat. 23.