August 1, 1764

1764 August 1 (Wednesday).  Breck mows in the Meadow at the Brook.  Mr. Marritt here, tells me he has done keeping School here in this Town, and that Sir Cushing is to come in his room.  P.M. I visited Mrs. Andrews.  I find that She has Strangely wrought her self over to Say what never was, as, particularly that She insisted upon my laying her Case before our Church when she talked with me at Mrs. Newtons; whereas upon my giving her Reasons why it was not fit to lay before the Church at that Time, She actually resigned the matter to me — as Mrs. Warrin testifys.  Another Thing she has, through her mistake and prejudice, got into quite a wrong shape and wrong time, is her Husbands Answer to be about Sending the Letters — for she says, he said to me, at the time of my proposing to write Letters, that I might write to any Man in Connecticut as well as to Mr. Wigglesworth — Whereas he did never use that Phrase till I visited them upon Mr. Gale’s speaking to me: and he used it in a different manner and in a different View, viz. When I told him it was with his Consent that I wrote to Mr. Wigglesworth: he answered Do you think I would go to hinder?  You might write to who you pleased, to any Gentleman in Connecticutt if you would, I Should not hinder it.  Another Thing Still, She Misrepresents, viz. their having said, they had done, they Should ask no more — whereas this was Mr. A.’s Answer to me, both at his House, when I made the visit immediately after I knew by Mr. Gale, that they were uneasy, and offered to lay their matter before the Church if they desired it (this was his Answer), No: we have no more to request: and again, at my House, as soon as I had read the Jacques Letter to ‘em: for Mr. A. presently replyed, “We have now done.”  Now Mrs. A. disowns their having said so, and declares they have been laboring in the Affair.  And this I my self do sincerely believe.  I tarryed a convenient space, expressed my Sorrow for the Misunderstanding between us — expressed my wishes also, of Peace etc. and took leave.  N.B. Capt. Curtis and others came.  I visited at Mr. Simeon Newtons and at Mr. Beemans.  At Eve Mr. Bowman here, tells me Mr. Maccarty will go to Oxford if I will go to Wor’ster.