August 22, 1764

1764 August 22 (Wednesday).  I rose early — hastened to Mr. Nurse — got him up out of his Bed — gave him the money I had borrowed of Capt. Ward; 9 dollars.  He said he feared it was not enough (yet 20£ old Tenor was all he asked for) hereupon I gave him 47/ Old Tenor of my own, and endeavoured to hasten him away that he might get up before the Court and prevent all further Charge.  But fear he did not go Seasonably.  He lent me his Mare to go as far as Mr. A[n]drews’s for I heard his wife was ill.  I went but met with ill reception.  Mr. Andrews came into the Room — but would not Speak to me, nor come near to me, although I greeted him kindly, he turned his back nor would he answer.  When I spake of Gods Goodness to them in his Wife’s Deliverance etc. he only hurryed out again.  I observed to her that I perceived I came undesired, Seeing Mr. Andrews would not so much as Speak to me — and if so I would go home again.  She answered How do you think we can desire any Favour of you; since you count us to have the Spirit and Practice of Separates?  I answered I was sorry They were got to this.  The Nurse offered me something to drink: I told Mrs. A. that a little Cold Water if I could have her Love with it, would be preferable.  At my leaving her I told her I had come on purpose to make her a Christian Visit.  But since it is thus!  I go away weeping.  And Seeing Mr. Andrews in the Bar-Room, I bid him Farewell.  He nodded but did Speak to me, that I heard.


Venerable Loring came, and dined with me and preached my Lecture from Luk. 24.45.  Then opened he their understanding etc.  May the Lord reward him and bless his Labors!  After Lecture came Mr. Bridge from Framingham to desire me to preach his Lecture tomorrow se’nnight; when there will be expectation of Something upon Singing.  N.B. Mr. Bowman, Master Cushing and Brother Hicks here, at Tea etc.  Mr. Loring would leave us though it looked like rain:  and it came, after he had set out.