August 21, 1764

1764 August 21 (Tuesday).  Mr. Abercrombie to Boston.  Miss Betty goes with him as far as Marlborough.  Mr. M. Nurse again and prays me to undertake to get him some Money at Marlborough, for Squire Taylor had Sued him.  I rode to Ministers Meeting at Mr. Smiths.  As I went I called at Mr. Edmund Brighams to see Reuben Bellows who lies there ill of a Fever.  Prayed with him.  Got Mr. Brigham to go for me down to Capt. Wards to desire him to lend me 9 Dollars.  Dined with the Association.  All there.  Obtained of Mr. Loring to preach my Lecture tomorrow.  After Meeting I went to the Widow of Ephraim How — and left my Message to Capt. Ward Should fail and my good Neighbour Nurse Should Suffer Dammage for want of the money.  I borrowed a Johannes of Mr. Stephen How, and gave him a note for it.  Returning the way by Mr. Brighams, called and received of him (for he Succeeded) the 9 Dollars abovesaid and hastened home, though it grew dark, to meet Neighbour Nurse that he might be relieved, and hasten to Worcester early in the morning But (notwithstanding he told me he would come at Eve, for I had his Horse) he came not, which troubled me; forseeing the Evil he must fall into: and I had taken Such Pains, and successfully for him.