August 1, 1764

1764 August 1 (Wednesday).  Breck mows in the Meadow at the Brook.  Mr. Marritt here, tells me he has done keeping School here in this Town, and that Sir Cushing is to come in his room.  P.M. I visited Mrs. Andrews.  I find that She has Strangely wrought her self over to Say what never was, as, particularly that She insisted upon my laying her Case before our Church when she talked with me at Mrs. Newtons; whereas upon my giving her Reasons why it was not fit to lay before the Church at that Time, She actually resigned the matter to me — as Mrs. Warrin testifys.  Another Thing she has, through her mistake and prejudice, got into quite a wrong shape and wrong time, is her Husbands Answer to be about Sending the Letters — for she says, he said to me, at the time of my proposing to write Letters, that I might write to any Man in Connecticut as well as to Mr. Wigglesworth — Whereas he did never use that Phrase till I visited them upon Mr. Gale’s speaking to me: and he used it in a different manner and in a different View, viz. When I told him it was with his Consent that I wrote to Mr. Wigglesworth: he answered Do you think I would go to hinder?  You might write to who you pleased, to any Gentleman in Connecticutt if you would, I Should not hinder it.  Another Thing Still, She Misrepresents, viz. their having said, they had done, they Should ask no more — whereas this was Mr. A.’s Answer to me, both at his House, when I made the visit immediately after I knew by Mr. Gale, that they were uneasy, and offered to lay their matter before the Church if they desired it (this was his Answer), No: we have no more to request: and again, at my House, as soon as I had read the Jacques Letter to ‘em: for Mr. A. presently replyed, “We have now done.”  Now Mrs. A. disowns their having said so, and declares they have been laboring in the Affair.  And this I my self do sincerely believe.  I tarryed a convenient space, expressed my Sorrow for the Misunderstanding between us — expressed my wishes also, of Peace etc. and took leave.  N.B. Capt. Curtis and others came.  I visited at Mr. Simeon Newtons and at Mr. Beemans.  At Eve Mr. Bowman here, tells me Mr. Maccarty will go to Oxford if I will go to Wor’ster.

August 3, 1764

1764 August 3 (Friday).  Richard again.  They get in several Load of Hay.  Mr. Hodgman of Concord brings Mrs. Kidder.  They dine here and then proceed on their Journey to Sutton.  P.M. Mrs. P________ and I visit Mrs. Bowman.  At Eve Mr. Forbes and Suse from Boston.  The Honorable Mr. Thomas Hancock dyed yesterday — and Cousen Isabella Breck, I hear, went to Bed well (a while ago) and dyed before Morning.  O that I might be ready also!  Mr. Eliot has sent me the Result of another Council on Chebacco Affairs.

August 4, 1764

1764 August 4 (Saturday).  Mr. F. having lodged at [blank] breaks fast there; but drinks Tea with us, as does Mr. Bowman — who brings Me an Horse to ride to Worcester.  I dined at Capt. Curtis’s with old Mrs. Prentice.  Mr. F________ pursues his Journey.  P.M. Mr. Swan Smoothes the Cases of my Watch.  Mr. Maccarty meets me there.  We went up to the Bellfry of the Meeting House, now finishing, but the inside not done.  I lodge at his House: but he refuses to go to Day to Oxford.

August 5, 1764

1764 August 5 (Sunday).  Mr. Maccarty goes to Oxford, for Mr. Bowman, who preaches for me, and I for Mr. Maccarty.  A.M. my Text Ps. 27.4.  P.M. on Heb. 11.16.  The Lord follow these attempts with his Blessing!  N.B. I baptized Mary, the Daughter of Francis Ward.  Many Persons Stood up to Sing, and they Sung Tate etc.’s Version.  At Eve Mr. Maccarty returned from Oxford, but I tarried where I was.

August 6, 1764

1764 August 6 (Monday).  In the Morning Mr. M. and I walked to Dr. Willards.  N.B. he has lately bought Universal History in 21 Volumes.  Mr. Othniel Taylor desired me to visit him, for which reason I rode that way in my returning.  Called to Speak with Mr. Nat. Adams about his Sister Andrews, but dined at Mr. Taylors.  N.B. I did this the rather because I understood he was much disturbed about standing to Sing.  Having called at my Friends, Sumner, Cushing, Allen’s, in Shrewsbury arrived at Eve in Safety.  Breck brings home a Load of Hay from the Meadows.

August 7, 1764

1764 August 7 (Tuesday).  In the Morning I rode down to Mr. Moses Parkers to get him to come to work for me.  Visit Mr. Chamberlin who is ill.  Visit Mr. Ebenezer Forbush’s Wife who fell from her Horse on Lord’s Day and broke her Collar Bone.  N.B. her peculiar Circumstances rendered the Fall very perillous.  N.B. Miss Sally Putnam making a Gown for Suse, which she lately bought the Chints for at Boston.  P.M. though very rainy I rode to Ensign Millers, where the Private Meeting is appointed to be, and preached there on James 5.9, which God bless to all of us!  That we may be ready for the Coming of the Lord.  Call’d at Mr. Adonijah Rice’s, at his Wife’s Request.  Breck 2 Load, though one Wet.

August 8, 1764

1764   August 8 (Wednesday).  Breck alone at the Meadows, disappointed of Help.  Miss Sally here Still — dined with us but then left us.  Sarah and Suse (in Mr. Nurse’s Chair but my mare) to Capt. Maynards.  Mr. Adonijah Rice’s Wife here and Signs her Relation.  At Eve Deacon Kimbal to view my East Chambers.  Mr. Moses Nurse pays me £ old Tenor.

August 10, 1764

1764 August 10 (Friday).  Mr. Winter and his Daughter, after Dinner, left us to go to Worcester.  P.M. Breck (by help of Moses Smith from Capt. Woods) got home and Stacked at the back of the Barn, two Jaggs of Hay — and Since I have so little Help and it is so difficult to obtain it of others, and meet with so many Disappointments about it, I have concluded to let the rest of the Grass Stand.

August 11, 1764

1764 August 11 (Saturday).  Deacon Tainter came in the Morning to plow in my Corn-Field in order to our hoeing it again but my plough was broke, and therefore to mend; and I had no Rie to sow; he had himself a great deal of Hay and Oates to take Care of at home; so that he returned without doing any Thing.  But 4 Young Men, Levi Warrin, Elisha Forbush by Proxy, John Forb. in his room; Thomas and Joseph Bond, came and hoed the Corn in my Orchard and finished before 10 o’Clock.  Breck and John plowed for ‘em.

August 12, 1764

1764 August 12 (Sunday).  Read Prov. 15.  In preaching a. and p.m. I used Expositions on Mat. 5.21.22 with some Additions etc.  The Occasion was this, I Spent a great deal of Time in consulting Authors, Some Number of them upon the passage I was writing upon, viz. Mat. 16.19, and although I had provided as much as might suffice for an Exercise, yet it would be a detriment to break off there — though it was my Design to deliver it, till I found that the subject I was to repeat in the a.m. would best profit, by going on with the Same p.m. and that the a.m. Exercise would be greatly hurt without.  I proceeded to deliver the rest also; which therefore I did.  Widow Smith and Mrs. Hannah Rice dined here.  Admitted the latter into the Church.  N.B. Read p.m. Mat. 23.

August 13, 1764

1764 August 13 (Monday).  I walked to Pratts and several Maynards.  Mr. Winter and his Daughter here a.m.  They have been to Worcester and are returning to Cambridge.  Deacon Tainter, with Boy and Horse, comes to plow among my Corn, which is behind the Meeting House — but first sows it with Rye — [which?] Breck and John hoe, and (with some small assistance of two or three at sunsetting) finished the Field.

August 14, 1764

1764 August 14 (Tuesday).  Transcribing the Result of a Council at Ipswich on Chebacco Affairs, July 30, 1748, which Mr. Eliot of Boston has furnished me with the Original of.  At Eve visit Mrs. Bowman.  Mr. Gay and his wife (who was Miss Mary Devotion, my wifes Kinswoman) and his Sister Ballantine of Westfield, and her son John going to College here, and all lodged here.

August 16, 1764

1764 August 16 (Thursday).  Capt. Woods Pot-Ash at work.  I was there to See it.  Brewer the workman, to manage it.  Messrs. Holbrook and Surcomb return and dine with me.  At Eve I wait upon ‘em to Capt. Woods, they having never seen the working of Pot-ash.  They were now smelting.  These Gentlemen tarry with us over Night.  N.B. Mr. Barns help me p.m. in gathering up my Oates.

August 17, 1764

1764 August 17 (Friday).  Messrs. H. and S. leave us.  Sent Mr. Eliot the Result of the Ipswich Council in 1748.  I gratify Mr. Lock in Sending John to Southborough with his Horse to help his Brother Josiah up the Steep Hills.  He went to Brittons.  Mr. Lock helped me at Eve, along with Lt. Bakers Young man, in getting in my Oates.  Our Kinswoman Miss Betty Gott came.  N.B. I gave Squire Whipple a Certificat concerning his son Abner, directed to Rev. Mr. Bulkley Olcott at No. 4 to be Communicated.

August 20, 1764

1764 August 20 (Monday).  John Kelley, Son of long Kelley, of Hopkinton here again, demanding pay for a Shirt which he says he afforded to Capt. McKeen to bury my Son Thomas in — and although I have understood that Capt. McKeen told him, he Should See to it, to pay him for it, and has received all Thomas’s Wages, for that End that he might pay all his Debts and funeral Charges, I gave him 3£ old Tenor and made him a present of Mr. Guthries’s Trial of a Saving Interest etc.  I took no Receipt, but Mr. Aaron Nurse and Miss Betty Gott were present.  Mr. Moses Nurse in great Trouble and wants to borrow money.  I wrote him a Note to Mr. Green, but it was to Small purpose.  Mr. Green at Eve paid me £4.12 old Tenor.  At Eve came Mr. Abercrombie from Pelham.  Brought me a Collection of Pamphlets relative to the Secession in Scotland in the year 1732 and 1733, viz. Mr. Ebenezer Erskines Sermon at Perth at the opening of the Synod, from Ps. 118.22.  The true state of the process against him — and the Representations of Masters Eb. Erskine, James Fisher, William Wilson and Alexander Moncrief etc. etc.  He lodged here.

August 21, 1764

1764 August 21 (Tuesday).  Mr. Abercrombie to Boston.  Miss Betty goes with him as far as Marlborough.  Mr. M. Nurse again and prays me to undertake to get him some Money at Marlborough, for Squire Taylor had Sued him.  I rode to Ministers Meeting at Mr. Smiths.  As I went I called at Mr. Edmund Brighams to see Reuben Bellows who lies there ill of a Fever.  Prayed with him.  Got Mr. Brigham to go for me down to Capt. Wards to desire him to lend me 9 Dollars.  Dined with the Association.  All there.  Obtained of Mr. Loring to preach my Lecture tomorrow.  After Meeting I went to the Widow of Ephraim How — and left my Message to Capt. Ward Should fail and my good Neighbour Nurse Should Suffer Dammage for want of the money.  I borrowed a Johannes of Mr. Stephen How, and gave him a note for it.  Returning the way by Mr. Brighams, called and received of him (for he Succeeded) the 9 Dollars abovesaid and hastened home, though it grew dark, to meet Neighbour Nurse that he might be relieved, and hasten to Worcester early in the morning But (notwithstanding he told me he would come at Eve, for I had his Horse) he came not, which troubled me; forseeing the Evil he must fall into: and I had taken Such Pains, and successfully for him.

August 22, 1764

1764 August 22 (Wednesday).  I rose early — hastened to Mr. Nurse — got him up out of his Bed — gave him the money I had borrowed of Capt. Ward; 9 dollars.  He said he feared it was not enough (yet 20£ old Tenor was all he asked for) hereupon I gave him 47/ Old Tenor of my own, and endeavoured to hasten him away that he might get up before the Court and prevent all further Charge.  But fear he did not go Seasonably.  He lent me his Mare to go as far as Mr. A[n]drews’s for I heard his wife was ill.  I went but met with ill reception.  Mr. Andrews came into the Room — but would not Speak to me, nor come near to me, although I greeted him kindly, he turned his back nor would he answer.  When I spake of Gods Goodness to them in his Wife’s Deliverance etc. he only hurryed out again.  I observed to her that I perceived I came undesired, Seeing Mr. Andrews would not so much as Speak to me — and if so I would go home again.  She answered How do you think we can desire any Favour of you; since you count us to have the Spirit and Practice of Separates?  I answered I was sorry They were got to this.  The Nurse offered me something to drink: I told Mrs. A. that a little Cold Water if I could have her Love with it, would be preferable.  At my leaving her I told her I had come on purpose to make her a Christian Visit.  But since it is thus!  I go away weeping.  And Seeing Mr. Andrews in the Bar-Room, I bid him Farewell.  He nodded but did Speak to me, that I heard.


Venerable Loring came, and dined with me and preached my Lecture from Luk. 24.45.  Then opened he their understanding etc.  May the Lord reward him and bless his Labors!  After Lecture came Mr. Bridge from Framingham to desire me to preach his Lecture tomorrow se’nnight; when there will be expectation of Something upon Singing.  N.B. Mr. Bowman, Master Cushing and Brother Hicks here, at Tea etc.  Mr. Loring would leave us though it looked like rain:  and it came, after he had set out.

August 26, 1764

1764 August 26 (Sunday).  Mrs. Brigham with us.  I read publickly Prov. XVII.  Preached on Ps. 116.14.  Administered the Lords Supper.  P.M. read Mat. 24 from v. 29 to the End: and delivered what I had been Some time preparing, on Mat. 16.19.  It took me more than an Hour, and with Small Addition would have sufficed for two Sermons; but it was best to deliver it together at Once.  May God grant Success!  Baptized Eight Children, viz. 6 of Mr. Adonijah Rice’s, one of Mr. Ebenezer Forbush’s, and one of Mr. Adam Rice’s.  Mrs. Brigham and her sister Maynard, as well as Master Cushing, dined here.  At Eve instead of Repetition read part of Mr. Doolittle on 1 Joh. 5.13.  In the Morning Exercise at Cripple Gate.

August 27, 1764

1764 August 27 (Monday).  Wrote to Mr. Lull by John Maynard — to warn him that if he does not pay me, nor Secure me better in my Right, within 3 months, I Shall esteem the 35 Acre Lott (37 it Should be) mine and may dispose of it.  I visit Mr. Phinehas Hardys wife who is very low again.  Thomas Rice of Pownalborough, Esq. there.  We dine there.  I prayed with them.  Deacon Tainter here at Eve.  N.B. I saw him going over to A. Bruce’s p.m. and I had desired him to use his Endeavours to perswade Mr. Bruce to let Beeton move into the House.  He said he was going there for that End.

August 28, 1764

1764 August 28 (Tuesday).  Went to Squire Whipples, who took my acknowledgment of a power of Attorney, which I Send to Brother Breck of Springfield per Miss Betty Gott.  Mr. Nurse fails in getting Money for me to carry to Capt. Ward.  Go to Mr. Greens to get some of own of him, but fail there also.  At Night Mr. Green brings me 10£ 16.10d old Tenor.

August 29, 1764

1764 August 29 (Wednesday).  A.M. Closely engaged in preparing for the Lecture tomorrow.  P.M. my Wife and I (in Mrs. Nurse’s Chair, but my own mare) rode to Framingham.  In our Way called at Mr. Stone’s, where was one of President Burr’s Children, viz. Sally — in her 10th year.  May God vouchsafe His Blessing on her, and her Brother at the Jersies.  Arrived at Coll. Buckminsters and lodged there.

August 30, 1764

1764 August 30 (Thursday).  We went to Mr. Bridge’s and dined there.  Besides Mr. Bridge, there were Rev. Messrs. Stone, Smith, Lock, Eli[ab?] Stone, and Mr. Bridge of Sudbury.  When we went to Meeting I was obliged to pray as well as Preach, though there were so many ministers present.  It was both a Sacramental and a singing Lecture.  Therefore I preached on Ps. 57.12.  After the Exercise, the Singers and many others tarried; and Some Number of Tunes were sung with eminent skill.  Mr. William Brown waits upon us to his House.  Alexander well and contented.  We supped and lodged there.

August 31, 1764

1764 August 31 (Friday).  We were agreed about the Binding Alexander but have no Blanks, nor Time to write Indentures.  Mr. Bridge came there.  We returned to Coll. Buckminsters and dined there.  Called at Dr. Hemingways and Mr. Stones.  Arrived here at Evening.  Great Trouble with the Sheep’s breaking in etc.  But a worse trouble arose with and about the Mare, being very willful when we got near the House — and I was obliged to correct her etc.: for which Mrs. P________ was much disturbed.  The Lord forgive what occurred!