March 19, 1761

1761 March 19 (Thursday).  Perceive by the News Paper that our valuable Kinsman Mr. John Breck of Boston is dead.  May God graciously Sanctifie it to us!  N.B. Capt. Fay was here and at his Desire I gave him Extract from the minutes of the Church meeting.  Also he desired me to write a few words of Acknowledgement which might be supposed reasonable for Mr. Samuel Fay to speak to our Church.  Capt. Fay and Mr. N.Whitney being about to make Mr. Fay a Visit to Day.  Mr. William Pierce’s Wife here about the Affair of her son Jonathan who exhibits a to me very fresh and unheard of Account against my late son Thomas.  N.B. Moses Sever also here.  Wants to have his Child (as he calls it) Christened.  Alexander on Mr. Fessendens Horse, fetches Sperma Ceti Oyl from Mr. Asa Brigham, Shrewsbury.  I visit Mr. Aaron Nurse, who droops and has had Dr. Ball with him.