March 3, 1761

1761 March 3 (Tuesday).  Mr. Grow Sent me an Horse and I preached at his House.  Text 2 Cor. 4.17.  After Exercises I proposed to the Brethern of the meeting to See whether they could not agree upon some special methods for the better regulating of our young people in their Conversing together preparatory to Marriage.  And I spoke with Some Warm, giving divers Reasons for it.  Visited Mr. Samuel Hardy who is sick of a Fever.  Returned by Deacon Forbush’s — who complains of Disorders among Youth and desired me to prepare and preach a Sermon for the Suppression thereof.  My Son John rode with me — Occasioned by his going to Mr. Isaac Pratts for a Coat, made there for him.  N.B. Jacob Rice and Samuel Cutler from Mr. Forbush’s at Brookfield, here, and lodged with us.  N.B. I payed Seth Miller 8£ 18/6 Old Tenor for Beef of him Oct. 31 last.