March 17, 1761

1761 March 17 (Tuesday).  Church Meeting about Mr. Samuel Fay, but though I Sent an Express and distinct Message to him by Mr. Silas Brigham, on the Lords Day before I left the meeting House, yet he did not come.  The Church voted to reconsider it.  18 out of 21.  The Three on t’other side were Mr. N. Whitney, Capt. Fay and Neighbour Daniel Hardy.  After this it was observed that ever since last July this affair has belonged to the Church, and was no longer of a private Nature: as it was taken in Hand by the Church at that Time: and they have not acted upon the Report of their Committee which brought Mr. Fays Reasons.  The Church then proceeded to hear and Act upon what was then Presented by the Committee.  And it was put to Vote, whether Mr. Fs Reasons then given were satisfactory?  It was passed in the Negative.  Several members at my House at Evening.  Capt. Fay, Messrs. Fr. Whipple, Chamberlin, Belknap, D. Forb., Baverick, here.