February 1, 1761

1761 February 1 (Sunday).  Omitted the Public Reading, both a. and p.m. by reason of the Season.  Preached a. and p.m. on Ps. 1.6, last Clause.  Widow Thurston dined with us.  Jacob Garfield, who had the Small pox, came out to meeting.  N.B. Mr. Daniel Forb. came from Coll. Buckminsters this Morning having been to Boston.  Found his Brother and sister at Cambridge.  They lodged at Coll. Buckminsters also.  Set out at 11 a.m. from Capt. Forb. (in a Chair from Cambridge) for home.  A sad Journey!

February 3, 1761

1761 February 3 (Tuesday).  About one o’Clock Levi Warrin came and roused me to Visit his Brother Abner, who is Seized with Bleeding.  I went, found him very low in Body, but with remarkable Vivacity of Spirit and with much hope if he Should die.  Prayed with him.  Returned between 3 and 4.  Preached at Mr. Daniel Forb. on 2 Cor. 4.16 and finished the Subject.  My wife still poorly.

February 4, 1761

1761 February 4 (Wednesday).  Billy Set off for Boston in his Master Baldwins Service gave him Money to pay my son Thomas’s Debt to Mr. William Bowes.  Squire Jabez Ward dines (after his Fashion) here.  He informs that Dr. Breck of Sheffield has lost his eldest Son by the Small pox.  At Evening came Levi Warrin again with an Earnest Message from his Brother Abner, who thinks he is drawing near his End.  I went, found his Breathing was much altered.  I enquired into his Preparation for the Unspeakably important Affair before him.  He answered that it was much as it had been.  I proceeded to several most remarkable particulars,  concerning which he expressed his hope that he was thus qualifyed and told me he believed he was Sincere.  Prayed with him as for the last time.  After Prayer Still discoursing with him for his further Instruction and Quickening, he told me he must desire me to desist, because he found it worryed him.  Went into t’other room with his Father, to talk with him a little.  Upon understanding that he grew worse, I went in again to Abner.  After a few Words agreeable to his Case, he desired he might be let alone.  So I took Solemn and final Leave of him, and walked home.

February 5, 1761

1761 February 5 (Thursday).  My Daughters Lucy and Sarah made a Visit to Mr. Stones.  When they returned they brought me half a Dozen of Mr. Stones Books for which I had Subscribed.  Mr. Fessenden came, tarrys with us.  Neighbour Barny Newton was marryed to Eunice Bond.  My Wife still but weak.  N.B. Abner Warrin dyed this Morning between 8 and 9 o’Clock, Aetatis 25.

February 6, 1761

1761 February 6 (Friday).  Mr. Fessenden (having lodged here) leaves us to go to Rutland.  P.M. attended the Funeral of Abner Warrin.  After Burying Deacon Burnap here and brings me one of Mr. Haven of Portsmouth’s Convention Sermons.  Deacon Tainter and Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlin have an hundred of Mr. Stone’s 2 Discourses for themselves and Other Subscribers in Westborough.

February 8, 1761

1761 February 8 (Sunday).  I gave my self most to improving the late Providence in the Death of the two young men, buryed the Friday last Succeeding one the other.  Preached on Ps. 1, last Clause.  Mr. Bowman dined here.  P.M. read 2 Cor. 8.  Preached on Heb. 1.3, last Clause, using, with proper Alterations, sermon on Mark 16.19, viz. from p. 211 to p. 217.

February 9, 1761

1761 February 9 (Monday).  Messrs. B. Tainter and Artemas Bruce killed two good Swine for me gratis, and dined with me.  At Eve Mr. John Maynard here and talks about his Wife, but no signs of Reconcilement to her; nor that he will accept of proposals, if offered, for accommodation.  N.B. I purposed this Evening to hear the Affair depending between Messrs. Daniel Forbush junior and Jonathan How.  The former Came.

February 10, 1761

1761 February 10 (Tuesday).  Deacon Tainter kindly came and weighed my Hoggs, one [blank], the other [blank].  He also cutt it out and Salted it for me.  P.M. he went to Boston and carryed a Leg of Pork for me to my Kinswoman Oliver.  P.M. Mrs. Crosby here.  N.B. This Day Mr. Bowmans School at Deacon Tainters, finishes.  Sent 50/ old Tenor to Edes and Gill and £ to Scott and Gill (old Tenor) for Mr. Forbush and for Ebenezer.

February 16, 1761

1761 February 16 (Monday).  Attended the Funeral of Old Mr. Samuel Fay, who is by Some Supposed to be 88, others 89 Years old.  He has been for 24 Years in Pain and much confined — and for this Year or two broken in Memory and much confused.  His Aged widow nigh 2 Years Younger is in good Exercise of her Understanding, and behaves very Christianly.  Several Neighbours here after the Funeral.  N.B. Dispute with Deacon Tainter about the Beginning of the sabbath, and N.B. he asks me whether I would (not only consent to, but would) Desire Mr. Fish’s preaching at Deacon Forbush’s the first Tuesday in April?  I answered yes, for I would Sett him a good Example if he be otherwise minded.

February 23, 1761

1761 February 23 (Monday).  Capt. Maynard here.  Pays me 4 Dollars, which with 4 Dollars which Ebenezer owed him upon a Note and upon Book, was the Pay for a large Brass Kettle which the Captain buys of Ebenezer.  He dines here, and talks about my old place, the price etc. but not to buy it for my Self, but for Mr. Eleazar How of Marlborough who had desired him to come.  Captain goes to a Court held by Justice Baker at Capt. Woods, in which Capt. Joseph Biglow of Shrewsbury and his son are prosecuted for a Riotous Action by John Bent of Southborough, at the Time when John Harvey snatched up his Wife and Child in his Arms, and carryed her off.

February 25, 1761

1761 February 25 (Wednesday).  Mr. Daniel Forb. junior goes to Boston for my Son Baldwin.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden here.  Mr. Eleazar How here to talk with me about my old place; but takes it further into Consideration.  At Eve Mr. Samuel Fay makes me a Visit, and is desirous to put an End to our Difference, but says he does not look upon himself one jot to blame.  And as to madam (he Said) he bore her as good Respect as ever he did in his Life.  On my Part I told him I had never meant him any Harm, nor intended to affront him: neither did I countenance at all those that injured him.  We gave our hands mutually, and I assured him that as to what was personal, between him and me I desired it might be at an End, but added, that I did not know what the Church would do; with which, however, I Should use my Endeavours that there might be reconcilement.

February 26, 1761

1761 February 26 (Thursday).  Deacon Tainter brought in Mr. Jonah Warrin and Mr. Daniel Hardy.  They all dined here.  These latter being disquieted with an Expression in my Sermon last Lords Day, in which I said, I did not know that there was that Sentence by itself, “There is a God.”  Though the Apostle to the Hebrews says, he that Cometh to God must believe that He IS etc.  All Religion supposes it and takes it for granted.  Mr. Hardy said it was damnable Doctrine.  I made what defence I thought proper and they drew off.

February 28, 1761

1761 February 28 (Saturday).  Deacon Tainter dined here, and gave me an Account of the Occasion and manner of his coming with Mr. Warrin and Hardy, on the 26.  For although they were so disturbed, yet they would not have come here (that he knows of) except he had insisted upon’t and come with them.  Yet they would talk at the Smith’s (Beeton’s) Shop.  Which Custom of many persons, I am greatly troubled for.  I acquainted the Deacon with Mr. Samuel Fays having been here, and how we had give Hands.  This the Deacon was glad of, but was of Opinion that Mr. Fay Should make satisfaction to the Church, and ought to manifest a Christian Spirit, before he Should be admitted again to Special Ordinances.