March 15, 1761

1761 March 15 (Sunday).  Read Ps. 6.and 2 Cor. 13.  Mr. Fessenden a.m. on Col. 3.2 and p.m. on 1 Joh. 4.19.  Cousen Maynard dined here.  The Kitchen (as Usual) very much filled.  After the Exercises Stopped the Church and acquainted them with the Petition for a Church Meeting; read it, with the Names to it.  Asked the Church for their Thoughts — And told ‘em that I was So desirous of preserving Peace and good Harmony in the Church, that I was a mind to acquaint ‘em with that so whatever was done about it, might be with their Concurrence.  Nobody Answered though I gave space.  And therefore taking it to be their mind to have a Meeting, I appointed it — to be on Tuesday next, at 2 p.m.