March 1, 1761

1761 March 1 (Sunday).  Read Ps. 3 and 4.  Preached a. and p.m. on Gal. 5.6.  That I might manifest my Sense of that Great Article of our holy Religion, the Existence and Attributes of God.  P.M. read 2 Cor. 11.  Dr. Crosby and the Widow Permintor dined here.  N.B. After the Exercises Stopped the Church — Mr. Samuel Fay being present.  I acquainted the Church that Mr. Fay and I had been together and mutually given our Hands, which I conceived (as they had been heretofore grieved at the Difference) they would be glad to hear of.  And it now remained that the Church Should manifest their minds about his being restored to their Charity, and his being admitted to Special Ordinances again.  Concerning which Things they had now room to Speak their Minds.  But though I waited a decent Time no Body Said any Thing.  I therefore proposed the Vote, and it appeared that 13 out of 24 were for his enjoying Privileges.  The Church was dismissed with Blessing.