March 1, 1761

1761 March 1 (Sunday).  Read Ps. 3 and 4.  Preached a. and p.m. on Gal. 5.6.  That I might manifest my Sense of that Great Article of our holy Religion, the Existence and Attributes of God.  P.M. read 2 Cor. 11.  Dr. Crosby and the Widow Permintor dined here.  N.B. After the Exercises Stopped the Church — Mr. Samuel Fay being present.  I acquainted the Church that Mr. Fay and I had been together and mutually given our Hands, which I conceived (as they had been heretofore grieved at the Difference) they would be glad to hear of.  And it now remained that the Church Should manifest their minds about his being restored to their Charity, and his being admitted to Special Ordinances again.  Concerning which Things they had now room to Speak their Minds.  But though I waited a decent Time no Body Said any Thing.  I therefore proposed the Vote, and it appeared that 13 out of 24 were for his enjoying Privileges.  The Church was dismissed with Blessing.

March 2, 1761

1761 March 2 (Monday).  Two Brethern came here under Disquietment with yesterdays Vote of restoring Mr. Fay; They were Mr. Chamberlin and Mr. Belknap.  Afterwards came also Mr. Daniel Forbush.  I, upon Desire of the Town, went to the meeting, and prayed with them.  N.B. Mr. Williams manifested to me uneasiness at Some free Expressions in my Prayer at his House when he was in Danger of Death by the threatening Mortification of his Hand, but Said if I was not so troubled with him but that he might come to the Communion he would come.  I consented, if he would See to it that he was truely penitent.  He replyed that he hoped he was.  N.B. Messrs. John and Michael Martyn — also Mr. Fessenden here.  N.B. Mr. James Eager, I hear, is very bad, with Fitts.

March 3, 1761

1761 March 3 (Tuesday).  Mr. Grow Sent me an Horse and I preached at his House.  Text 2 Cor. 4.17.  After Exercises I proposed to the Brethern of the meeting to See whether they could not agree upon some special methods for the better regulating of our young people in their Conversing together preparatory to Marriage.  And I spoke with Some Warm, giving divers Reasons for it.  Visited Mr. Samuel Hardy who is sick of a Fever.  Returned by Deacon Forbush’s — who complains of Disorders among Youth and desired me to prepare and preach a Sermon for the Suppression thereof.  My Son John rode with me — Occasioned by his going to Mr. Isaac Pratts for a Coat, made there for him.  N.B. Jacob Rice and Samuel Cutler from Mr. Forbush’s at Brookfield, here, and lodged with us.  N.B. I payed Seth Miller 8£ 18/6 Old Tenor for Beef of him Oct. 31 last.

March 4, 1761

1761 March 4 (Wednesday).  The Young Men go to Cambridge for Mr. Forbush’s Slay.  I sent by them 4 Dollars to Brother Champney to pay part of my Son Ebenezers Debt to him.  N.B. borrowed 2 of them of Miss Jane Stone.  P.M. Dr. Wright here from Cambridge with Mr. Fessenden.  The Doctor informs that Brother Champney has Sold his place in Cambridge to Mr. Mascarene, son in Law to the President.  N.B. Mr. James Eager dyed last night.

March 7, 1761

1761 March 7 (Saturday).  A Number of Brethren were here, viz. Messrs. Daniel Forbush, David Maynard, Zebulun Rice, and David Batherick and desire me, by a paper Signed by them, to wave the expected appointment of the Lords Supper.  They have also a paper drawn up and signed by them and which they design to offer next Monday to others who are of their mind, in which they request a Church Meeting.

March 8, 1761

1761 March 8 (Sunday).  Have been exercised with Tooth ach — besides divers Other Interventions So that I could prepare but one Sermon.  Very much desired that Mr. Fessenden would preach, but could not convey my mind to him.  Read Ps. 5.  Preached a.m. on Gal. 5.6.  P.M. read 2 Cor. 12.  Repeated with a few Omissions and Alterations Sermon on Joh. 1.16.

March 9, 1761

1761 March 9 (Monday).  Precinct Meeting.  A Petition is brought me signed by Ten Members of the Church, viz. Messrs. Daniel Forb., David Maynard etc. desiring a Church Meeting on the Affair of Mr. S. Fay.  Prayed at the precinct meeting.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden and Mrs. Maynard.  Mr. Hills here about his Wife, who is in Spiritual Concern.

March 11, 1761

1761 March 11 (Wednesday).  Capt. Wood brought his Horse that I might ride to Mr. Morse’s of North Shrewsbury.  Took Mr. Fessenden with me.  Dined at Mr. Morse’s.  My Business was to get a good Horse.  At Mr. Morse’s Request we rode to Capt. Curtis’s at Wor’ster upon the Same Design but without success.  N.B. Mr. Morse informed me that Rev. David Stearns of Lunenbourg dyed the night before last, of a Fever.  A great Loss!  The Lord Sanctify it to me, and to those more immediately under the Bereavement especially.  We called at Capt. Allens in our returning but diverted to Mr. Martyns and lodged there.

March 12, 1761

1761 March 12 (Thursday).  About 1/4 after 2 this morning we were awaked by an Earthquake but blessed be God for his preserving Goodness and Mercy!  Came home a.m. and found my Tabernacle in Peace and safety.  Mr. John Hicks of Cambridge here and dined, in his return home.  Mr. Hills here again at night about his Wife, who is in much Trouble.

March 13, 1761

1761 March 13 (Friday).  Visit Mrs. Hill and further examine her.  Want to send word to Mr. Samuel Fay concerning the Petition of 10 Brethren for a Church-Meeting, but his Critical Situation makes me Cautious of writing to him, or visiting him just now.  Mr. Zebulun Rice tells me he will make him a Visit; and will inform him.  This relieves me.  Mr. Hills lends me 50£ old Tenor with which I pay Mr. Thomas Frost and take up my Note with him.  Mr. Parker here at night.  Wants some of my Hay.  Has difficulty about the Expression in the Sermon on the 22d p.m. concerning the Being of God but I gave him some Ease.  Was up till after midnight.

March 14, 1761

1761 March 14 (Saturday).  In the morning Brother Zebulun Rice to acquaint me with Mr. Fays Frame yesterday when visited by the Said Rice and is disquieted with it.  Deacon Tainter here about Fays Case.  He dines with us.  I Sent for Mr. Fessenden and he came to preach for me.  Coll. Williams and Capt. Ephraim Brigham from Marlborough here.

March 15, 1761

1761 March 15 (Sunday).  Read Ps. 6.and 2 Cor. 13.  Mr. Fessenden a.m. on Col. 3.2 and p.m. on 1 Joh. 4.19.  Cousen Maynard dined here.  The Kitchen (as Usual) very much filled.  After the Exercises Stopped the Church and acquainted them with the Petition for a Church Meeting; read it, with the Names to it.  Asked the Church for their Thoughts — And told ‘em that I was So desirous of preserving Peace and good Harmony in the Church, that I was a mind to acquaint ‘em with that so whatever was done about it, might be with their Concurrence.  Nobody Answered though I gave space.  And therefore taking it to be their mind to have a Meeting, I appointed it — to be on Tuesday next, at 2 p.m.

March 16, 1761

1761 March 16 (Monday).  Reckoned and settled with Mr. Joseph Baker, and paid him all, by a Note to Mr. Bellows of 6£ 5.4 L.M.  Visited Mr. William Nurse who is sick.  Praid with him.  Dined there.  P.M. Visit at Mr. Joseph Grouts, Mr. Jonathan Fays, Old Mrs. Grouts, and Moses Brighams.  At Eve Mr. Benjamin Willard here, troubled with Mr. Hutchinson but I do not meddle with the Affair.  Mr. Hills and his Wife here.  I further examin [sic] her.

March 17, 1761

1761 March 17 (Tuesday).  Church Meeting about Mr. Samuel Fay, but though I Sent an Express and distinct Message to him by Mr. Silas Brigham, on the Lords Day before I left the meeting House, yet he did not come.  The Church voted to reconsider it.  18 out of 21.  The Three on t’other side were Mr. N. Whitney, Capt. Fay and Neighbour Daniel Hardy.  After this it was observed that ever since last July this affair has belonged to the Church, and was no longer of a private Nature: as it was taken in Hand by the Church at that Time: and they have not acted upon the Report of their Committee which brought Mr. Fays Reasons.  The Church then proceeded to hear and Act upon what was then Presented by the Committee.  And it was put to Vote, whether Mr. Fs Reasons then given were satisfactory?  It was passed in the Negative.  Several members at my House at Evening.  Capt. Fay, Messrs. Fr. Whipple, Chamberlin, Belknap, D. Forb., Baverick, here.

March 19, 1761

1761 March 19 (Thursday).  Perceive by the News Paper that our valuable Kinsman Mr. John Breck of Boston is dead.  May God graciously Sanctifie it to us!  N.B. Capt. Fay was here and at his Desire I gave him Extract from the minutes of the Church meeting.  Also he desired me to write a few words of Acknowledgement which might be supposed reasonable for Mr. Samuel Fay to speak to our Church.  Capt. Fay and Mr. N.Whitney being about to make Mr. Fay a Visit to Day.  Mr. William Pierce’s Wife here about the Affair of her son Jonathan who exhibits a to me very fresh and unheard of Account against my late son Thomas.  N.B. Moses Sever also here.  Wants to have his Child (as he calls it) Christened.  Alexander on Mr. Fessendens Horse, fetches Sperma Ceti Oyl from Mr. Asa Brigham, Shrewsbury.  I visit Mr. Aaron Nurse, who droops and has had Dr. Ball with him.

March 21, 1761

1761 March 21 (Saturday).  Mr. Hills brings me a Letter concerning his Wife from Mr. Joshua Prentice, in answer to mine of the 18.  Mr. Hills also brings his Relation.  I was obliged to Send to Mr. Elijah Rice to come with his.  And he accordingly came with it.  It being Mr. Thomas Goodenows writing, I Strictly interrogated him about it.  Was obliged to alter it; at his Desire did it — and likewise he requesting it, made the addition of Some of those Things which I had heretofore received from his Mouth — which were preferable in a Relation to any Thing that any body else could write for him.

March 22, 1761

1761 March 22 (Sunday).  Read Ps. 7 and Gal. 1.  Preached a.m. on Gal. 5.6.  P.M. on Gal. 1.3.  Stopped the Church (after Appointing the Communion and the Lecture) and gave leave to as many of the Congregation as Should please to tarry; and admitted into the Church Messrs. Elijah Rice and Benjamin Hills.  Cousen Maynard dined here.  Says Mr. Fessenden is gone to Shrewsbury to preach there.

March 24, 1761

1761 March 24 (Tuesday).  Mrs. Hills here in the Morning and drinks Tea with us.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden, Michael Martyn and his Cousen Marit here and drink Tea.  At Eve I visited the Widows Woods and Newton.  When I returned home found Brother Champney from Cambridge here.  Afterwards came Mr. Joshua Pain and they both lodged here.

March 25, 1761

1761 March 25 (Wednesday).  Mr. Pains Horse loose in the Barn, and my youngest Heiffer which stood next to him, dead.  Brother Champney goes to Brookfield.  Mr. Samuel Fisk of Sudbury here to buy my old place.  He dines here; as does Mr. Pain.  Mrs. Judith Bellows here with an Acknowledgment.  Mr. Samuel Fay also delivered me an Acknowledgment before I went into Meeting.  Mr. Pain Preached my Lecture, on Jam. 2.17.  Stopped the Church and Mrs. Bellows and Mr. Fay were restored.  Mr. Fessenden and Mr. Pain go over to Mr. Martyns.

March 29, 1761

1761 March 29 (Sunday).  Mr. Monis waited on by Mr. Richard Martyn, rode over here in the Morning to be at the Communion with us: but returned at Eve.  Read Ps. 6.  Preached a.m. on Gal. 1.3.  Administered the Sacrament of the Lords Supper.  N.B. a great Number of occasional Communicants chiefly from Shrewsbury — Mr. Pain having left ‘em, and denyed ‘em, to their great Disappointment.  N.B. There was Danger of falling Short in the Element of Wine for the Flaggons as well as Tankards were soon emptyed.  So that I Spoke, and desired that inasmuch as the Deacons had prepared only for our Ordinary State, whereas there was an extraordinary Number present, they would please to consider it.  There was therefore a Sufficiency.  P.M. not having writ the Close of my designed afternoon sermon, and my Thoughts broken by so much Company at my House (for Mr. Fessenden and Mrs. Maynard besides Mr. Monis etc. dined here), I took a sermon Suitable to the Occasion on Rom. 6.3.4 and with Some Additions presented it.  N.B. Read Gal. 2.  Also baptized 3 Children, viz. of Messrs. Timothy Warrin, Thomas Frost and Joseph Grout.  O that God of his infinite Mercy and Goodness would Please to accept of us and Commend his Blessing!  Appointed a Catechizing to Children next Thursday.

March 30, 1761

1761 March 30 (Monday).  Alexander and Breck with Mr. Zebulun Rice’s Team went to Mr. Johnsons Mill with 12 1/2 Bush. of Indian and 7 1/2 Rye.  Mr. Wheelock moves out of my Shop, into his own.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden and Mrs. Maynard here — also young Mrs. Baker and Miss Lavinia.  These Latter inform of a Court held at Squire Bakers, by Reason of Mr. Ithamar Bellows having lost out of his House, which was yesterday opened and rifled, about 2£ Lawfull money.  And James Bellows is from many Circumstances Suspected.  At Eve Brother Hicks and his Daughter Lydia came and lodged here.

March 31, 1761

1761 March 31 (Tuesday).  Brother and his Daughter, and Mr. Willis Hall added, pursue their Journey.  Mr. Fessenden comes with a Chair and waits upon my wife over to Capt. Maynards.  James Bellows again before the Squire.  P.M. Miss Molly Baldwin return from Hopkinton and bring me from [Villiers?] (at Sir Harrys) vines, and seeds.  My wife does not return home.