January 30, 1760

1760 January 30 (Wednesday).  I rode to Worcester to wait upon Judge Chandler for Power of Administration of my son Thomas’s Effects.  I called to see Capt. Allens wife — dined at Mr. Cushings, where were Messrs. Morse and Wellman.  So that we had over the Sutton Affair.  The Church there have dismissed him; 20 Votes against 19.  That is including the Delinquents, or withdrawing members.  Mr. Wellman accompanys me to Worcester.  I put him in mind how much I have wished and how I have repeatedly told him of it, that he had asked a Dismission, when our Council gave a Result.  Coll. Chandler not at home — is at Boston.  Madam Chandler advised to write to him.  After Tea (where our Company was young Dr. William Crawford and two young Ladies with him, besides Mrs. Pain) I complyed — and wrote also to Mr. Forb. at Boston to wait upon the Judge; and wrap up both to Esq. Pain who is there also.  All to be sent per Coll. Gendley as Crawford tells me.  It was a storm of snow and the Roads extremely Slippery, it was also late and against the invitation of Madam Chandler to lodge there, that I Stood along, and got to Mr. Cushings where I lodged.  N.B. Mr. John Greenough schoolmaster, lodges there.  Mr. Fessenden begins to keep School at Mr. Francis Whipples.  Alexander and Breck go.  They are in the Nomenclature.