January 2, 1760

1760 January 2 (Wednesday).  Visited at Captain Fay’s on account of his little son Stephen’s illness.  A Number of Neighbours were so kind as to come and sled Wood for me, as Some also went to cutting.  Some went to cutting at the Ministerial Lot, viz., Mr. Zebulun Rice, Mr. Ebenezer Rice, Mr. Ebenezer Maynard, and Capt. Wood sent Samuel Lamb.  And Capt. Wood and Adam Rice Sledded from thence 2 Load apiece.  Mr. David Maynard also brought a Load from thence.  Messrs. Joseph Grout, Moses Warrin, Samuel Hardy junior, Elijah and Constantine Hardy and Joseph Green junior went to Mr. Moses Brighams Lot (who gave the Wood).  And Lt. Harrington, Messrs. Daniel Hardy, Phinehas Hardy, Daniel Forb., Edwards Whipple, Moses Brigham, Jonathan Grout Sledded 2 Load apiece — though Some of them brought their first Load from home, of their own wood.  Also Mr. Grow, Daniel Adams, Jonathan Fay, and David Batheric brought each of them one Load from their own Homes.  In all 23 Load to Day.  Those that Eat with us were Capt. Wood, and Adam Rice, Messrs. Phinehas Hardy, Edwards Whipple, Jonathan Grout, Lt. Harrington, Messrs. Daniel Hardy, Daniel Forb., Daniel Adams, Edwards Whipple, David Batherick, Elijah Hardy, Joseph Green junior, Capt. Wood, Mr. Zebulun Rice and Adam Rice.  A Singular Kindness!  May God reward each of them!  N.B. Mr. Bowman keeps School at Mr. Timothy Warrins.  I send Alex and Breck to learn Latin, and Samuel to read.  Billey having gone yesterday and got a large Piece of Timber to make Crooks for a sleigh, hews them.