January 14, 1760

1760 January 14 (Monday).  Deacon Tainter came (but without Deacon Bond though both were desired and both consented to) this Morning, to count the Money Collected yesterday.  It amounted to £45.14.1 old Tenor.  With Deacon came his son Bowker and his Cousen Kendall.  This latter (it seems) visits the Widow Forbush.  Mr. John Maynard here, dines with us.  Wants to discourse with me about his wife.  We had a great deal of Time together.  I endeavor to perswade him to a reconciliation; but in Vain.  Mr. Samuel Fay junior here p.m.  He goes over all his Troubles and especially what he has Suffered from Lt. Elizer Rice, till he got into a great Heat, though I patiently heard — but he went away Somewhat Calm.  N.B. Send my watch to Neighbour Barny Newton that he may carry it to Mr. Peck again, with a Letter also to him.  N.B. Kennebeck Meeting at Hopkinton.