January 7, 1760

1760 January 7 (Monday).  Ride with Dr. Crosby in his whirrey to see Mrs. Hannah Forb. (wife of Lt. Thomas).  Hear that Capt. Rolf came home last Saturday night.  Am informed Lt. Holloway died Yesterday morning, about 2 o’Clock.  N.B. Town meeting to call in Town Debts.  I talked with Deacon Livermore, Mr. Nathan Ball, and divers others concerning the Towns Arrears to Me.  Deacon Spoke of my now writing a Line and sending to the Town.  I told him I had done that already Years ago and to no purpose — but if he pleased he might promote this, viz. that the Town appoint a Committee to Settle with me — for let the Account fall how it will, they ought in justice to settle with me, and not oblige me to sue ‘em to a Reckoning.  Every one present thought this was reasonable, and as the Deacon went out of the Door, he promis’d to promote it.  My wife and Billy p.m. Set out for Boston, designing as far as Framingham (Coll. Buckminster) to night.  At Eve Mr. Timothy Warrin Treasurer comes to reckon but comes both unprepared and late — and therefore does nothing.