January 29, 1760

1760 January 29 (Tuesday).  Exceeding Icy, Slippery and therefore dangerous travelling and my Mare lame yet.  Mr. Forbush from Brookfield and dined here.  P.M. he proceeds upon his Journey to Boston.  N.B. He informs me that the Council last week at Sutton, were very thorow and effectual as to the Dismission of Mr. Wellman; and that he is accordingly dismissed from that people.  He will have great Cause to reflect upon the Advice I have from Time to Time given him, that it would be best for him to remove from them, that Surely it would some time agoe, have been best for him to have asked a Dismission; and Especially presently after our last Council, in May last: when he might have gone well recommended.  For I was fully persuaded he would not be able to stand what would follow if his adversarys Should themselves get a Council.  O Lord how unsearchable are thy Judgments and thy Ways past finding out!  N.B. I began Dr. Thomas Sherlocks Discourses at the Temple Church, having brought ‘em with me from Hopkinton Yesterday.