January 1, 1760

1760 January 1 (Tuesday).  To God be the Glory of His Long Suffering and unmerited Goodness!  That I am preserved through So many and So wonderful Changes!  Particularly of the Last Year, a year of uncommon Tryals.  Besides the Sickness of my Children by the Meazles which came four times into my Family, and my Daughter Sarahs Sickness again, there was my Wife’s deep and Dangerous Sickness, in the former part; and my own in the more advanced part of the Year.  Blessed be God for His Sparing Mercy to all of us who were at home: And to Billy in his safe Return; and that of my two sons in Law, from the Army; But, — alas!  For the holy Frown of divine Providence in the Premature Death of my dear son Thomas!  May God grant me and all that survive, the Grace suitably to improve that Dispensation, and His wonderful Indulgence in allowing us the New Year!  I attended the Private Meeting at Deacon Bonds, and my Daughter Sarah with me.  I preached on 1 Chron. 29.15, latter Clause, delivering 8 Heads of Reflections proper for the New Year; And there was a good Auditory.  The Lord bless it to all of us through Jesus Christ!