July 30, 1759

1759 July 30 (Monday).  John How ploughs and Hoes at my Cook Field notwithstanding the Showers: he also sows Turnip seed there.  I rode to Mr. Warrins and made her a Visit under her Infirmitys.  Was at Deacon Bonds to get him to hoe for me — and there heard the News of our Forces in the River St. Lawrence having landed in the Isle de Orleans — and the Army under General Amherst passing over the Lake and landing without much Opposition.  D.G.  Was at Deacon Tainters.  At his Request I rode with him to Mr. Joseph Rice’s, to talk with him and his Wife on Account of their Jarrs.  He made some acknowledgments, promised Reformation and hoped for Amendment.  We were obliged to take up with this for this Time, it being the first of my Endeavours with him.  Left him with strict and solemn Charge to mind what he had Said, and let me hear no more of his disorderly walk.  John How lodges here.