July 6, 1759

1759 July 6 (Friday).  Divers of the Children have purgings.  Samme has also signs of Canker.  He sleeps very much.  Sophys Meazles were in splotches and Spread over her yesterday.  To Day she is better but is confined to her bed.  Sarah is chiefly upon the Bed, breaks out in a Measure and So does Alex — but neither of them fully.  The latter has a great Cough.  Hannah also Somewhat more broke out, yet the Distemper is to no ripeness with her.  Mr. Twitchell came and mowed a while but the Rain beat him off.  John Howe came to hoe, but could do little else than plough, with Mr. Twitchell, a.m.  They dined here.  Twitchell after dinner left my Work by reason of the weather.  John Howe goes to hoeing.  Several Neighbours came to help — viz. the Four Maynards, David, Ebenezer, and Nathan, and Cousen Maynard Sends two hands, Solomon Maynard (whom Captain has hired) and Jacob Garfield, with a Cheese.  So that my Field is a little enlivened again.  And Mr. Twitchel returned again to his Mowing and worked till late and lodged here.  A very faithfull, diligent Man!  I wish I might be as faithfull in my Business as he is in his.