July 18, 1759

1759 July 18 (Wednesday).  My Brother Samuel made me a present of an handsome black Coat, lined with Alapeen, for which generous Benefaction the Lord graciously reward him!  I brought up my Daughter Baldwin from Dr. Wheats to Cambridge, it being Commencement, but it was so late that the forenoon Exercise was begun, and it was a very hot Day, So that I did not go to it.  I dined in the Hall.  N.B. Mr. Webster of Salisbury returned thanks; as whose appointment I know not.  But it look as if it was designed beforehand, Since he, though so young a man, compared with many others, Sat at the Governors Table.  Attended the public Exercise p.m.  President under Languor by reason of Indisposition.  Mr. Lovell Orator, with good success.  N.B. My Daughter Baldwin at Meeting also.  We lodged at Sister Barretts.  [Marginal note: I paid him 50£ and Mrs. Stoddard 30£.  I bought Salmons geographical Grammar and a Bible for Alexander.  These of Mr. Winter.]