August 2, 1759

1759 August 2 (Thursday).  Mr. Twitchel came to mowe for me, when for two Reasons it was less agreeable to me than if it had been some Days past, One, I should not be so well able to take Care of it.  The Other, it looked exceedingly like to be foul weather.  As it proved; for before Night it rained upon the Hay.  Deacon Tainter came and ploughed with my Mare, not without turbulent Opposition: He worked till middle of afternoon: And he sowed Rye for me (behind the Meeting House).  I rode down into the Eastern part, visited at almost every House, but went particularly to see Mr. Ithamar Bellows wife who has been sick (and there dined) and to see Mr. Abraham Beemans Child which was lately prayed for.  Visited Mrs. Adams.  In returning home I took a great Cold, as the thunderstorm arose and I was filled with pain.  Mr. Twitchell lodges here.

August 3, 1759

1759 August 3 (Friday).  Mr. Twitchell works here.  Deacon Tainter came in the Morning and plowed and sowed awhile; and then went home, his son being not well and his Affairs pressing and Urgent.  P.M. came Jabez Snow junior to hoe; Ebenezer Chamberlin junior and Simeon Bellows, who also joined with him.  They all gave their work.  We hear many Things of the Successes of our People in the Several Armys.  God be praised for what has been done.

August 4, 1759

1759 August 4 (Saturday).  Mr. Twitchell and Mr. Joseph Bruce work here.  They hoe a.m. in the Field behind the Meeting House.  P.M. they get home a Load of Hay part of it from the Maynard Meadow, part from my own.  These Things are inexpressible Hindrances to my studys, but I have prepared somewhat as I have been wont.  But about 3 p.m. came my Brother Samuel and his Daughter Nabby, which rendered it impossible for me to do much more in my studys.  Master Fessenden also came, p.m., brought me a little more money from Mr. Jonathan Fay.  Such Interruptions even by the most agreeable Friends is very Troublesome at this Time in the Week.

August 5, 1759

1759 August 5 (Sunday).  Brother Samuel and his Daughter keep Sabbath with us.  Read Ester 3 and Act. 26.  Preached on Tit. 3.2, to Speak evil of no man, repeating a. and p.m. from page 49 to 73 of sermons which I delivered some Years ago upon that Text, for as I could not finish my preparations upon the Subject I had designed, So it would not well do to deliver the part I had prepared without the remainder.  May God pardon my Deficiency, and bless my Poor Endeavours!  Mr. Fessenden dined here.  At Eve my Brother prayed in my Family Exercises.

August 6, 1759

1759 August 6 (Monday).  My wife and I wait upon my Brother and Daughter to Capt. Allens at Shrewsbury; and we dined there.  Mrs. Allen gone to Boston.  My Brother and I, p.m., made a Visit to Mr. Cushing.  In returning at Evening a Thunder storm — were obliged to Stop at Capt. Eagers.  We did also at Capt. Maynards.


1759 August 6 (Monday).  My wife and I wait upon my Brother and Daughter to Capt. Allens at Shrewsbury; and we dined there.  Mrs. Allen gone to Boston.  My Brother and I, p.m., made a Visit to Mr. Cushing.  In returning at Evening a Thunder storm — were obliged to Stop at Capt. Eagers.  We did also at Capt. Maynards.

August 7, 1759

1759 August 7 (Tuesday).  My Brother goes to Boston — carrys Sarah instead of his Daughter and Nabby is to reside a while with us.  Mr. Twitchell works for me — but having finished mowing what I propose for this Year, to Day he rakes; and gets home 3 Load.  He goes home at Night.  I carryed my wife to the private Meeting at Mr. Daniel Forbushs where I preached on Exod. 14, the straights and Difficultys of the Israelites at Pi-hahiroth but are bid to go forward into the Red Sea.  On Occasion of the present Juncture when our Forces are gone against Quebeck etc.  At Evening Mr. Benjamin How comes here with yesterdays News Paper, that I may read it, it being full of remarkable News, of our taking Niagara Fort, and Ticonderoga.  To God be all Glory!

August 10, 1759

1759 August 10 (Friday).  Mr. Gamel comes to Work, but comes in a great Frett; at which I was much grieved when he came to the House and shewed it here.  Eat but a mouthfull or two of Food at Dinner.  He and Alex finished the Rye at the Island.  P.M. the Wheat at the Barn, and Steuked up the former.  Mrs. Maynard, going to Marlborough, came this way and brought Capt. Woods Mother — who dined with us.  Towards Eve she walked to her sons.  N.B. John Bowden came here to take Letters for the Army (he rides for that purpose).  I Sent to Billy — also to Mr. Forbush.

August 11, 1759

1759 August 11 (Saturday).  Alexander by Some help from Neighbour Zebulun Rice’s got in half of a Jagg of Hay from the Meadow, which is the Last (of first Cutt) which I intend to get this Year.  I leave the further part of the Newton Meadow and the whole of the Ministerial Meadow.  P.M. Mr. Fessenden here.  He now lodges at Mr. Daniel Forb.  Keeps School at Ensign Harringtons.  Joyful News of Crown Point deserted to the English.  Master Bowman comes from Brookfield with Mr. Joseph Mannings Horse.  Mr. Manning preaches for my son Forb. and Sends me a Letter by Bowman that he designs to come down with my Daughter Baldwin next Week.

August 12, 1759

1759 August 12 (Sunday).  Met with a great deal of Trouble by Sheep getting into my Corn behind the Meeting House; and Mr. Mannings Horse also unruly, and got into the Corn.  It rained and my Sitting in my Chamber with my Feet wet, gave me a Cold.  Read Esther 4 and Acts 27.  Preach a. and p.m. on 2 Tim. 3.7.  May divine Blessing accompany my weak Essays!  Mr. Fessenden dines here Every Sabbath.  At Night mercifully preserved in the Terrible Storm of Thunder and Lightning.  To God be Glory!

August 15, 1759

1759 August 15 (Wednesday).  Mr. Daniel Hardy and his son Adams cart home (gratis) my Rye and Oats from the Island.  A.M. Mr. Manning came with my Daughter Baldwin and her son from Brookfield.  Mr. Joseph Knowltons wife here, about joining with our Church.  She and Cousen Maynard and her Daughter Betsy, as well as Mr. Manning, dine with us.  My Daughter is still but infirm, and not able to tend and take Care of her Child — and Suse being also not well work lies too heavy upon my Wife.  Mr. Manning goes to Uxbridge.

August 22, 1759

1759 August 22 (Wednesday).  In conformity to the Summons Yesterday I rode to Worcester — but I might e’en as well stay at home — for the Cause did not come on.  I dined at Mr. Maccartys.  A great Number of Ministers in the Town — Messrs. Martyn, Stone, and Harrington were summoned — Messrs. Hall, Wellman, Hill, Davis, Kendall etc.  N.B. I rode up in Mr. Forb.’s Chair and on the Baldwin Horse which I reposed in Mr. Maccartys Care and lodged there (having attended the Court in the afternoon).

August 23, 1759

1759 August 23 (Thursday).  We are still detained in Worcester.  Dined again at Mr. Maccarty’s but Mr. Martin and Stone I think at the Tavern.  Four of us at Evening, Being invited to judge Chandlers, we went and lodged there, viz. Messrs. Martyn, Stone and Harrington, besides me., but were obliged to Supp by our Selves — a Young Lady waiting on us — for we had neither Judge nor Mrs. Chandler.

August 24, 1759

1759 August 24 (Friday).  In forenoon came on the Rogers Case — perhaps about 9 Coll. Worthington opened it.  Coll. Putnam and Mr. Gridley replyed — Coll. Worthington closed, when it was past 2 p.m.  I dined at Judge Chandlers — at ¼ past 5 I mounted the Chair in my Journey for Brookfield — but got no further than Mr. Eatons — where I was kindly received and lodged.

August 25, 1759

1759 August 25 (Saturday).  Before the Family (at Mr. Eatons) were stirring I rose and tackled — and without Seeing any of them rode to Brookfield and broke fast with my Daughter Forb. and Mr. Manning — he tarried to dine and then sat out for Westborough to preach in my stead.  My Daughter is distressed on Account of an hard tumor in her left Breast, which was heretofore broke: And her two Children having the hooping Cough so has my son Ebenezers Children all of them.  Just at Evening Capt. Witt made me a Visit.

August 28, 1759

1759 August 28 (Tuesday).  It proved very rainy.  I preached a Lecture to the same Congregation Preparatory to the Sacrament of the Lords Supper, which by Desire I last Lords Day appointed to be next.  Few were at Meeting.  I preached on Rom. 8.7.  N.B. Between the First Prayer and Singing Capt. Wolcott delivered me a Packet of Letters from Mr. Forb.  One of them was to his Church and Congregation which, before the Blessing I read to them.  Sundry Friends and Neighbours at Mr. Forb. after Meeting.  Capt. Thomas Gilbert and his Wife (who was widow Brown) Supped with us.

August 29, 1759

1759 August 29 (Wednesday).  Dr. Gott rode with me to Sturbridge, where I went to see Mr. Rice,[1] who is sick.  I found him very low indeed.  We dined there — And by reason of their great Importunity I tarryed all Night.  N.B. Dr. Upham came to see him — and Dr. Gott had his Company to Brookfield.  N.B. Among the Company that came in to See Mr. Rice, came Lieut. Fisk, who was a principal Separate.  With him I had some Discourse concerning Ruling Elders etc.

[1]Caleb Rice, Harvard 1730; SHG 8:774-75.

August 30, 1759

1759 August 30 (Thursday).  This Morning Mr. Rice grows worse: it is the 35th Day of his illness, and there have been imperfect Crises, at the periods of 7 Days.  I had some free discourse with him yesterday and this morning concerning his Spiritual State.  He said if he had strength and Opportunity for it he could give me good Satisfaction concerning what God had done for him.  When I expressed by self that If he had true and living Faith — and If he had the Love of God etc. then how rich the promises, etc., he answered (whether delirious in some Measure, or no I can’t tell) I want none of your Ifs.  I went into another Room for a little space and while I was there Mrs. Rice, who was in great Distress for him, opening the Door a little, called me to go in, for she thought Mr. Rice was going to leave us.  I think she repeated it.  I went in and found him, to appearance in Extremitys.  But yet he could speak, and did not grow worse.  In this low state I was obliged to leave him and his distressed Family.  At Mrs. Rice’s Desire, I wrote a Letter for her which she signed, to her Brother in Law, Ensign Josiah Rice of Westborough.  Dined at old Lt. Newhalls in Leicester.  Stopped but a little while at Wor’ster, at Coll. Gardner Chandlers, and at Squire Pains, where was Mr. Thayer, who is going to supply Mr. Forb.’s place at Brookfield.  Weary and tired got home in the Evening and found my Family in some Comfort (through divine Goodness — D.G.) but Alexander is taken off from Business by Fever and Ague.  Miss Betty Johnson here to make up a Black Jacket for me — the Maynard Cloth Jacket having been new dyed, and now turned.